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Facebook is now the most innovative companies in the world and maybe even beat Google
Who does not know Facebook, social networking site that has many additional features of interest. Features that make the facebookers really liked it, to the point that every day should be online and perhaps if not online then "the days seem clueless" or meant less mature.
Yes, indeed Facebook is providing many new features. Want to know the latest features of Facebook?
This is the Newest features from Facebook you need to know:
Like Button 

Button with the word "Like" and the thumb icon will start popping up all over the internet. By clicking on one, then it suggests that you find interesting content, relevant or useful. You are basically recommending it to friends.
It would not only exist on but it can at all other sites. When clicking on one, then you post the item out of a blog post, photo or celebrity web page into your news feed on Facebook.
The preferred content can also be part of your Facebook profile, and can be seen by friends or by any person, depending on how the privacy settings are configured on Facebook.

Face your friends

The consequences of the "Like" is to make the profile picture of your friends on Facebook will begin appearing all over the web.
If you see the smiling face of your friends online, then this is an indication that they have clicked the "Like" on the sites you visit. On the one hand, they also recommend to you.
Therefore, Facebook users will be able to share the same interest on the web.
No need to log in

This new feature will show up regardless of whether you have entered your user name and password on a particular website.
So, if you visit to listen to music and have logged in on Facebook before, then it does not need to do anything on Recommendations from your Facebook friends will automatically appear.


Facebook announced a new toolbar that other sites can be added at the bottom of their pages. This toolbar lets you click "Like" a particular web page or a specific item and provide information on the assessment of your friends from the page you are viewing.
You also can chat with friends who was logged on Facebook, without visiting
  Privacy issues

Some Internet users may be concerned about the fact that their Facebook profile picture, and what their likes and dislikes, will appear throughout the web.
For now, just something that is liked and disliked the look. But, it never hurts to double-check your privacy settings.

Facebook everywhere

Through these changes will probably be up there in all of the internet. It will compete with Google, which also is trying to organize the world's information based on interests and preferences.
Side effects of the move was a web that you want to see is the web that only your friends like. You may only surfing based on your browsing preferences of your friend and do not explore new territory. Instead of your activities can affect your friends as well.

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Create a Timeline/kronology Facebook New

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Lately Timeline view facebook a warm conversation in society, not because something very excited yet because facebook is starting automatically upgraded at some facebook, actually this look long, but maybe for some people who do not enjoy the view, for that I will share ways to make an appearance in Timeline facebook  you with three ways, .. ok...

Here I give a tutorial to enable facebook with 3 steps.

  1.      Open a page about the timeline here
  2.      Then click Get Timeline / Get chronology.
  3.      Then click Publish Now / Publish Now.

Now try to go into your profile, certain timeline is active, and please enjoy the new look of the timeline or also called kronology facebook in your account. not easy, please share to your friends.
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