10 Important Tips for Google+ Beginners

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1. To get the most rewarding experience on Google+ begin by circling at least 300. I picked 300 since it’s a manageable number. Circle too little of a number of people and your stream will be dead, circle too many at the beginning and you might overwhelm yourself with an overload of information, most of all you’ll have a hard time making solid and lasting connections.

Don’t just circle blindly or you’ll get bored. Do searches for terms you like reading about, if you’re interested in physics do a search for “Einstein”. The search results will bring up a ton of posts relating to your interests. Go through them then click on one that catches your eye. Check the users profile out, do you like their content? If so circle them! Keep doing this until you've got a good amount of people circled.

2. Pay attention to the What’s Hot posts/section, some of the posts that get in the What’s Hot section come from hightly active engagers. Connect with them! You can learn a lot from watching what goes on in their threads. I haven’t met an active engager who wasn’t friendly, so don't be shy.

3. Once you’ve started connecting with people who you share the same interests with and begin experiencing just how wonderful the community is you’ll start to realize that it no longer makes a difference if your real life friends and family move over from Facebook.

Google+ is much different than Facebook in a sense that here you make new friends, friends who you will probably have a lot more in common with than your family or real life friends over on Facebook. Making new friends or connections seems like a daunting task but actually comes quite easily and naturally once you begin engaging with other people and find your place among a group with similar interests. Right now you want your friends and family here to fill a void, once that void is filled you wont give it much thought since you’ll be wrapped up in fun and interesting discussions or sidetracked by all the yummy information that fills your stream.

4. Everybody wants comments and shares, that’s natural. Give it some time, once you begin actively engaging with other users you’ll notice more action on your posts so long as others find your content interesting. Google+ isn’t Twitter so posts that contain just a sentence or two will probably be overlooked. Look around, find out what other people are commenting on, pay attention to the topics that get attention. Provide users with content that will benefit them in some way. If you’re an expert at something write a post on tips and techniques. Be helpful, people will appreciate you for it!

5. Post original content. Reshaing posts is a great way to spread something interesting but be interesting yourself and create unique content. People who only reshare the content of others probably won't have many people following them. We want to get to know YOU, not just them.

6. Over time you’ll begin to make friends with other users by replying to their comments on a regular basis. If you jump all over the place and don’t become a regular commenter to a handful of people you follow then it’s kind of like you’re just passing by. When you become a regular commenter people will notice you, they’ll see that you’re an active engager. Engagers follow other engagers. Post helpful or interesting stuff and you’ll begin seeing an influx of comments and shares on your own posts.

It takes time to grow your circles and a bit of skill in learning what types of posts get the most action. Don’t give up! Engage, engage, engage!

7. One of the reasons users follow other users is because they’ve read a comment they wrote that was well thought out, helpful, or inspiring. One of the things I look for in following someone is their sense of humor. I love being around people who will make me laugh! So funny comments tend to grab my attention.

8. It’s never too late to “click” with a group. Normally “clicks” are considered a bad thing, they remind us of high school. But here clicks are formed by people who share the same interests not people who flock together thinking they’re better than everyone else and don’t care to let anyone else join their “club”. Here everyone is open to connecting with new users, the more the Google+ community brings us, the better. So don’t feel like you can’t find a place to fit it, trust me there are thousands of places for you to fit in. We’re all very accepting here, we love connecting with new people!

9. If you have questions, ask them! I don’t know one person here who wouldn’t take the time to answer a question from someone who is new. We were all new at one point and had our own questions. Heck... I still have questions! Don’t feel intimidated because you’re just learning when it seems everyone else is already an expert. We’re not, there are new features coming out all the time, we learn new things from people every day. We’re ALL learners. In fact, I think that’s why we’re here, to learn something new!

10. Have fun! What could be more simpler than that?
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Timeline Movie Maker on Facebook

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 A few days ago the developers of social networking is a pretty big re-launch  Timeline Movie Maker that allows you to create movies from your Facebook timeline. Yes, Facebook is awesome timeline feature which allows you to dig up the past easily interface with scrolling type that fall within a few years and months. So with this interface, you can look up your timeline as a movie. You do not need to add a picture or content. It took everything from your Facebook profile and create the film itself. Add all your memories and make a video of it.

"Facebook Timeline Movie Maker is a facebook feature to make movie clips from the timeline up, a short video of the chronology of the earliest start to finish, do I simply log into www.timelinemoviemaker.com then just follow the next steps, then so then on the 'Share' in facebook friend. Well lo ... explain, want to try? Please,but first you must have activated the facebook timeline click here to activated

want to see examples of the results, see the following video    

you might want to try?? 
just click this link  www.timelinemoviemaker.com and follow the next steps.

well, if it appears that the above picture because you can not use it, because no competible with your browser, upgrade your browser or wait a few days later,or may not be available in your town, the change will occur gradually



Quick editing fotoshop with shortcut

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we know to complete the work in fotoshop we need some way to work in can be done with maximum fotoshop, here is a keyboard-keyboard that is used to speed up the work, some of which has not been known by the designer though and some are also only useful in Photoshop CS5. Immediately, we started

1. Drag-Zoom

Command / Ctrl + Space + Click and Drag to left / right, the quickest way to zoom in and out (only on the CS5 is supported by the GPU).

 Alt + Shift + Right Click (Windows) or Control + Option + Cmd + Click (Mac) (CS5 is supported only on the GPU).

3. Bird's Eye View

press H + click, then release the mouse reposition the display to enlarge the picture again. The quickest way if you need to work with large image size and fit it to the screen.

Ctrl + Alt + Right Click (Windows) or Control + Option + Click (Mac). Move the mouse to the right / left to change the size and up / down to change the hardness, these shortcuts are only valid in CS5. As for the CS4 can only change the brush size, and you can change the color of the brush preview in the Preferences / Cursors, you also have to enable GPU to be able to see it.

5. Straight-line drawing

press Shift to drive to the drawing tool.

6. Move

press Command / Ctrl is the fastest way to move / berpinda canvas in Photoshop

7. Pan (Shift + Space) and Zoom simultaneously in all the documents

Shift + Ctrl + Space (Windows) or Command + Shift + Space (Mac), is the fastest way to compare or work on more than one image at the same time.

8. hiding Panels
press Tab, click the tab to bring it back again.

9. Full Screen Preview Files from the Mini-Bridge

Press Space and arrow keys

10. Changing the Text Size

whole blocks of text that will resize and press Command / Ctrl + Shift.

11. Small or Large Changing Font

Command / Ctrl + Shift + K, a quick way to switch from lowercase to uppercase. Make sure you do not activate the Caps Lock to be able to use these shortcuts.

12. Tracking and Kerning

Alt / Option + Left or Right arrow keys are useful to equalize the spacing between characters. If you select a word, line or paragraph as a whole then you can change trackingnya, whereas if you click between two characters

13. leading

Alt / Option + Up or Down arrow keys, a quick way to change the distance between the selected lines

14 . Baseline Shift
Alt / Option + Shift + Up or Down arrow key, a quick way to use one layer of text that have different positions

15. fill

Command / Ctrl + Backspace, Foreground color, Alt / Option + Backspace, Background color, Shift + Backspace-Fill Options. A quick way to add color to the choice or change the color of text and vector shapes.

16. Reset Dialog Box

press the Alt / Option + Click Cancel

17 . Change the Opacity and Fill

Shift + enter a number, this will change and fill opacity value of the selected layer (or even more than one layer at a time in CS5).

18 . Invert the colors of the Selected Layer or Layer Pixel Mask

Command / Ctrl + I, the fastest way to membalikka the visible part of the layer if you invert the layer mask color
19 . Switch to Cursor Precice for Musical Picture

press the Caps Lock if you do not want to see the edge of the brush.

20. reset Preferences

Ctrl + Alt + Shift (Windows) or Command + Option + Shift (Mac) when Photoshop is opened, if you want to start with the default user interface settings and hold this button for Photoshop is opened (loading).

21. Switch from color Foreground / Background

press X

22. display Mask

  Alt / Option + Click on Layer Mask, a good way to clean the masking after the selection and use the button again when you want to return to normal view
23. Disable Mask

Shift + Click on Layer Mask

24. Intersection of Selection

Alt / Option + Shift + click with selection tool during the selection process more than one layer, an easy way to store only a certain part of the selection options.

25. All combine to Layer New Layer

Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E (Windows) or Command + Option + Shift + E (Mac)

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