Smartphone windows phone 8 features

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Smartphone windows phone 8 features ~Microsoft has introduced its latest smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 8, which will be released in late 2012. Microsoft also took four vendors as a special partner who is ready to produce Windows Phone 8, namely Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and HTC.

This giant software company promised much better in Windows Phone 8, ready to cover the shortfall Phone version of windows 7.
windows phone 8
Windows Phone 8 homescreen display 

Here are the windows phone 8 features.

1. Supports multi-core processors

Windows Phone 8 is now open to receive hardware devices (hardware) multi-core processors. He will support dual-core, quad-core, and theoretically also supports 64-core. Microsoft is also preparing for its operating system is stable in terms of performance and battery life.

2. Support three screen resolutions

Windows Phone 8 support three screen resolution technology, the WVGA (800x480 pixel), WXVGA (1280x768 pixel) and True 720p (1280x720 pixels).

3. Browser Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft said the browser application (browser) Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) in Windows Phone 8, their code is very similar to the IE 10 for personal computers (PCs). This brings with it a security feature that can detect the theft of data online and SmartScreen filter, which is ready to warn users not to visit a malicious site.

4. Supports addition of external memory MicroSD

So far, Windows Phone 7 smartphone users are always complaining because they can not add data storage space. In Windows Phone 8, smartphones will provide a MicroSD slot for adding storage capacity of 16GB, 32GB, and even supports up to 64GB.

MicroSD will help users when they want to transfer data from your smartphone into a personal computer.

5. Display the new Metro

Windows Phone 8 Metro maintains a distinctive user interface with the features of the boxes, like on the ground. However, there was little change in the look of Windows Phone 8. First. display boxes will fill the entire screen. Secondly, display boxes and smaller size can be enlarged.

6. NFC and 'mobile wallet'

Windows Phone 8 will support Near Field Communication could provide their own online wallet services, as well as offering the experience of buying an object with a smartphone.

7. Windows software to bring Windows Phone

Microsoft will use a single software platform to bring Windows to Windows Phone. This is done so that the Windows application developers will create applications for Windows Phone. Development of an application for Windows Phone 8 can be done using the programming language C / C + +.

Microsoft will share many of the programming code used in versions of Windows, including file system, network stack, security model, the pipeline media, networking and graphics code.

8. Digital map

Bing Maps digital map services that were previously used in Windows Phone version 7, will be replaced with Nokia Maps. This decision suggests an intimate relationship between Microsoft and Nokia, as Nokia Maps will still exist on other smartphones out Nokia to adopt Windows Phone 8.

9. Full support for Skype

Microsoft will integrate Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to make calls or answer calls from Skype video call applications. ~ Sculpt Mobile Keyboar Hardware Windows 8

Mysms : Application for the Messengers of All Types of Platforms

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Mysms : Application for the Messengers of All Types of Platforms If many users may choose WhatsApp Android, and Apple has officially of their messaging platform called iMessage. But the application also has the same function, is sending a message through the Internet.
But, now there is a new application called mysms considered a iMessage version that can be used for all types of platforms.

You can send, receive or create a message on all types of electronic devices, from laptops, tablets, PCs and smartphones. Unfortunately, this application does not support BlackBerry or Windows Mobile Phone.

Platform which supports pretty much any application. Of the Android OS, IOS, Chrome, Windows, Mac OS X up to Facebook. And, interestingly, the application can be downloaded for free. If you want to try it, you can click This Link Mysms

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iOS application for Ramadan

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The true turorial ~ Holy month of Ramadan welcomed by Muslim around the world. In the era of mobile technology such as this, the smartphone can be a friend to accompany fasting. below are some options IOS applications during Ramadan as written in

Ramadan Times 
Ramadan Times

This is one of the many applications that offer the schedule to run as fast or when breaking dawn. Calculations to determine sunrise and sunset time was claimed to use the U.S. Naval Observatory.
Not only that, other features are embedded Hijri calendar, and alarm to the meal breaking the fast. And tone hour prayer time prayer time has come. Requires 44.1 MB of memory, applications built by developers Ramadan Times from Pakistan and can be downloaded for free.

Quran Majeed
Quran Majeed

It's very much a digital Quran at App Store, but one that fits the application Quran Majeed recommended this. Because, compared to other applications, the Quran Majeed offers a display that can be enlarged, making it suitable to be read on the small screen though. In addition, to scroll to the letters one to another is easy. Plus it's also available in English on the meaning of each verse.
You need to spend of USD4.99 to be able to download the application formally.

Islamic Compass
Islamic Compass

You are traveling, and want to do ritual prayers in a state of emergency. Not to be confused determine the direction of the Qiblah. Reason, Compass Islamic presence is very fitting to use.
Besides providing free, you do not need to use the data to use this application. Except that based GPS, you can also determine the time of dawn, Dzuhur, Ashar, Maghrib and Isya.  

Muslim Pro
Muslim Pro

Other applications as a reminder for prayer. However, the advantages possessed by this MuslimPro fairly complete. In addition to the prayer schedule, there is also the Qiblah compass, Quran and prayers.
Not only that, the application is also able to show where certain large mosque near the location of the user. ~ iOS application for Ramadan

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2012 New update mozilla firefox 14

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2012 New update mozilla firefox 14 ~ Mozilla has just launched the latest version of his browser, the Mozilla Firefox 14. The new browser also believed to have a better level of security, the latest API and compatibility support full screen on OS X 10.7 Lion.

"We automatically create a Google search in Firefox safe to protect data from potential dangers lurking, such as network admins when you use a shared or public WiFi networks," Mozilla said in its official blog. And, for the future, do not rule out the possibility that such security will also be available on other search sites.
mozilla firefox 14

And even then the actual application of the latest browsers can be downloaded since yesterday, Tuesday (17/7). Previously, Mozilla has released the beta version of this browser since June.

Other changes can be seen in the latest Firefox browser is the use of symbols to verify a site. In this browser, you will see some kind of symbol as a symbol of a globe, a symbol of a padlock or key symbol. If you want to download the latest browser, you can click THIS LINK  ~ New update mozilla firefox 
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How to Change Email Settings in Facebook

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How to Change Email Settings in Facebook ~ Some time ago, the number one social networking world, Facebook has changed the email users using This they did without any notice.
so that measures, many facebooker who was troubled. Not only that, the new email delivery to mobile users rose up mess.
Change Email Settings in Facebook

However, it turns out you can also change the email addresses with ease

The following are the steps you have to do.
  • Access your Facebook timeline
  • Go to page About
  •  There, you will see Contact Info. There, you will see there an email with You can edit the address. 
  • On the Contact Info page, you will be able to see two email addresses. You can choose to hide or display the email address in the timeline. 
Unfortunately, you will not be able to delete the email from Facebook. However, you can change the name of the email as you wish. And, these changes can only be changed once. Change Email Settings in Facebook

Trailer game The Amazing Spider Man for Android and IOS

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Trailer game The Amazing Spider-Man for Android and IOS devices have been released. This of course suggests that the game The Amazing Spider-man soon to be released in the near future.

The Amazing Spider-Man

film The Amazing Spider-Man himself is scheduled to be released first on 28 June, with new stars and new plot that is not less interesting. As a leading game developer Gameloft is rumored to be launching the game The Amazing Spider-man right on the release date of the original film, the 28th of June.

game The Amazing Spider-ManSpider-Man
Gameloft presents something interesting in the trailer of this game The Amazing Spiderman. Side of the gameplay itself is only shown briefly, and displays the game with great 3D appearance. If you are curious to know the description of the game made by Gameloft, please see the trailer below.

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how to access website with a QR code

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What is a QR Code?

QR code stands for Quick Response Code. First developed by Japanese company Denso-Waves in 1994. Currently you can already see
QR codes in various media, banners, website, t-shirts, and other devices.

QR Code can store the link url, geographic coordinates, text and numbers. Compared to regular barcodes, QR has a large data storage space. For code numbers and letters, they were able to save to 4.296 characters. Comparing with conventional barcode that is only capable of storing 20 digits.

How to Access the QR code from a mobile phone?

To read QR codes, you need a QR reader. This application can be downloaded directly to mobile phones by typing in the browser address phone and then follow the instructions in it.
QR code

You can also download a QR reader application through the computer in Previously, you will be asked to register.

QR Code and

Now, try running the application on your mobile QR reader. Point the camera to the existing QR code on the front cover or below.
QR code

If successful, your phone will slide into address and official opening web pages the IThedoctor site.. via Tabloidpulsa

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Firefox Mobile OS From Mozilla

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Firefox Mobile OS From Mozilla ~ Mozilla is pleased to announce that they make previous mobile opeasi system called Boot To Gecko. Well this time it has changed its name to Firefox Mobile OS that use the same technology base with their Firefox browser.  
Firefox Mobile Operating system
Firefox Mobile OS is designed for smartphone or mobile phone, not like the Chrome OS - based technology designed Google Chrome but destined for the target desktop or notebook.

But they both put forward the HTML 5 web technologies as the basis of all the applications. So the web application developers can easily follow to develop applications for OS FireFox.

OS was made based on linux kernel and uses the Gecko rendering engine. Almost all existing applications such as phone dialer, clock, music applications, all are basically the web are optimized for mobile devices.

In addition to the name change, they also informed the partnership with Alcatel and ZTE are scheduled to produce first perangat with their OS. Even the leading operator Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, and Telenor also joined in support. The first possibility Firefox OS device will be launched by Telefonica in Brazil in early 2013.

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Latest features of facebook "Want" Button

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Latest features of facebook ~ A web developers claim to find a new word in the code of social networking that will be prepared, ie, 'want'. If properly installed on the site, this button will create up to gather more information about purchasing desire of millions of users.
new button from facebook

In addition, through this button, Facebook is now able to distinguish between the preferred product and has been owned by the user and the user wants to buy the product.
Developers Cut Out + Keep website Tom Waddington said, "This button appears on Facebook, and features Javascript SDK is still under development." ~  
new button from facebook

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