hide the page owners on facebook

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Not something that is difficult indeed, but enough to make us confused if we did not try to learn it, as well as in making a page on facebook, a lot of things that we want to keep private, ranging from the owner, origin and much more, well, but because the many requests from friends of the owner fan page, now I make a tutorial how to hide the page owners on facebook, this way is very easy.
just follow the page owner's  friend this step

- login facebook 
- then click on the page your own fans page
- after that click on Edit info

 -then on the left select the Featured tab (number five on the left)
 -then there are the bottom-page owners and click Edit  Featured Page owners
 -Remove the checklist and the final step of existing and then select Save
 -then reopen your facebook page, the owner of fans page you are successful in hiding
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Create a Timeline on Facebook

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Tutorial below may not be used again, because the update of facebook developers themselves, please click the following link to make your facebook timeline


time ago the social networking Facebook has announced its new application on facebook at present with the latest modifications and certainly refreshing eye, this application must already exist and in Indonesia have not been thorough, but we can soon get the latest designs from this facebiik without waiting for long , well just go ahead

Please go to the page Facebook Developer app
Click "+ Create New App"

Give the name of the "application display name : ithedoctor.com" and "namespace : ithedocto", wrote it up, then "put checks on the privacy policy" click "continue"
Enter the "Security Check" Do not forget to click "submit"

 Point your mouse pointer to the left of the page developer app,
 select it and click "Open Graph" and enter any word in the two boxes provided (look like the example in figure), Do not forget to click "Get Started"

all friends will be automatically terredirect to the settings page, if not, just right click "settings" (the above Open Graph)
Jump just scroll down and click "Save changes"
Wait until a few minutes, open the back porch facebook friends, notice will appear "Introduction Timeline .." Click the "Get it Now"
There are five steps to the Tour when friends are in the timeline facebook page, if already completed setting up the necessary configuration, just click "Publish Now"

well the result will be as an example my own facebook page

Google + Release User Suggested Features like Twitter

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growing and growing social networking, social networking is relatively new from the google + google, now spread his wings, made ​​from google social networking Kine add applications like the one on twitter
As the feature 'Who to Follow' on Twitter, Google also now displays a list of suggested first user on our Get Started.

Interestingly, in Google + list of people who suggested the user is divided into different categories. Various categories include entertainment, news, music, photography, politics, sports and technology.

Quoted from Digital Trends, Monday (05/09/2011), Google also suggested user selects 'most popular' of each of these categories. As a result, users can add such a celebrity or any other popular figures directly from that page and put it into their friendship circle or circles.

It is not yet known whether penggguna can create your own list, out of those grouped in the Circle. While Twitter as is known has added this capability so users can create custom lists in 2010. Unfortunately, this feature is not used widely by the users of Twitter itself.

The records, lists of suggested user is the way it works is very similar to the recommendation 'Who to Follow' Twitter. And most people are included in the list that Google is only based on the level of 'fame' them rather than the quality or frequency of posts made ​​- even some of them have yet to post anything on Google +.

For example, two people in the sports category, Jillian Michaels and Erin Andrews, both are equally not post anything on their Google + accounts since July. But surprisingly, both appear in the user suggested in the sports category.

adapted from DetikNet