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Facebook is now the most innovative companies in the world and maybe even beat Google
Who does not know Facebook, social networking site that has many additional features of interest. Features that make the facebookers really liked it, to the point that every day should be online and perhaps if not online then "the days seem clueless" or meant less mature.
Yes, indeed Facebook is providing many new features. Want to know the latest features of Facebook?
This is the Newest features from Facebook you need to know:
Like Button 

Button with the word "Like" and the thumb icon will start popping up all over the internet. By clicking on one, then it suggests that you find interesting content, relevant or useful. You are basically recommending it to friends.
It would not only exist on but it can at all other sites. When clicking on one, then you post the item out of a blog post, photo or celebrity web page into your news feed on Facebook.
The preferred content can also be part of your Facebook profile, and can be seen by friends or by any person, depending on how the privacy settings are configured on Facebook.

Face your friends

The consequences of the "Like" is to make the profile picture of your friends on Facebook will begin appearing all over the web.
If you see the smiling face of your friends online, then this is an indication that they have clicked the "Like" on the sites you visit. On the one hand, they also recommend to you.
Therefore, Facebook users will be able to share the same interest on the web.
No need to log in

This new feature will show up regardless of whether you have entered your user name and password on a particular website.
So, if you visit to listen to music and have logged in on Facebook before, then it does not need to do anything on Recommendations from your Facebook friends will automatically appear.


Facebook announced a new toolbar that other sites can be added at the bottom of their pages. This toolbar lets you click "Like" a particular web page or a specific item and provide information on the assessment of your friends from the page you are viewing.
You also can chat with friends who was logged on Facebook, without visiting
  Privacy issues

Some Internet users may be concerned about the fact that their Facebook profile picture, and what their likes and dislikes, will appear throughout the web.
For now, just something that is liked and disliked the look. But, it never hurts to double-check your privacy settings.

Facebook everywhere

Through these changes will probably be up there in all of the internet. It will compete with Google, which also is trying to organize the world's information based on interests and preferences.
Side effects of the move was a web that you want to see is the web that only your friends like. You may only surfing based on your browsing preferences of your friend and do not explore new territory. Instead of your activities can affect your friends as well.

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Create a Timeline/kronology Facebook New

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Lately Timeline view facebook a warm conversation in society, not because something very excited yet because facebook is starting automatically upgraded at some facebook, actually this look long, but maybe for some people who do not enjoy the view, for that I will share ways to make an appearance in Timeline facebook  you with three ways, .. ok...

Here I give a tutorial to enable facebook with 3 steps.

  1.      Open a page about the timeline here
  2.      Then click Get Timeline / Get chronology.
  3.      Then click Publish Now / Publish Now.

Now try to go into your profile, certain timeline is active, and please enjoy the new look of the timeline or also called kronology facebook in your account. not easy, please share to your friends.
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improve pagerank and thousands of backlinks

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in this post I will be sharing tips how to raise hell Pagerank our blog,,This article is very useful for blogger friends who want to increase Pagerank Ranking order is higher than before,,and also for my friends blogger that you pagerank still 0 ..This trick When I get my blog site blogwalking to a friend,,before I did not believe this trick would work,,but when i try to my other blog,, it did the trick was really powerful ..Blog Pagerank rises, and even this blog pagerank go up because of this trick too,,If I think the trick is obligatory for all bloggers ..because with this trick we can get thousands of backlinks Natural, and the impact is very devastating for the blog visitor visitor had been deserted because of the effects could be booming backlink from this trick, ..then how do the trick?The trick is quite simple you know my friends,,my friends just copy and paste the link below this,provided that my friends have to remove the link from the list at rank 1,,
Then move that was number 2 becomes number 1, number 3 becomes number 2, number 4 to number 3, and so on. Then link the blog entries themselves friends placed at the bottom (number 10) .. Blog post on my friends And the point is also please invite your friends to other bloggers to follow this way and spread this way to all friends who have blogs, good blog version of Blogspot, Wordpress, mywapblog Etc..

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10.Trick and trick + tutorial

If my friends could invite five people to copy this article in a blog post of friends,, then the number of backlinks that will be obtained are as follows:
• Position 10, the number of backlinks = 1 

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And the name of the blog address can be entered keywords that my friends want,which can also draw attention to immediately clicked.In terms of SEO friends have gotten 1,953,125 free backlinks! and side effects is the increased traffic of our blog as well as increasing our Blog Pagerank!

if a visitor clicks on a link downline then friends of friends also get extra traffic ..Important
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Okay friends,, so the trick from me on how to raise our Blog pagerank,,If your friends do not do this trick, then I guarantee your friends will greatly Loss!because the trick has been proved successful in the blogs that use this trick,,then what are you waiting? we all would want our Blog Pagerank up right?therefore, do not hesitate ,...!let's repost this trick and get thousands of backlinks and Pagerank Ranking Rises,,. :)

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Avoid Copy paste files from Computer to Flashdisk

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Here I give a tips to prevent the retrieval of data from your computer to a flash in the sense that one can not retrieve data from your computer to put the flash of the person, but you can still retrieve data from flash to be inserted into your computer.

Here are the steps
1. Go to Regedit (Press Windows key + R and type regedit
2. Sign in to HKEY_LOCALMACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl  
3. Right-click on the Control folder and select New-> Key 
4. Name the new folder with "StorageDevicePolicies
5. Then right click on the folder with the name "StorageDevicePolicies", and select New-> Dword 
6. Give it the name "WriteProtect
7. 2x click Dword with the name "WriteProtect", then change the Value Data to 1.  
8. Restart your computer and than the messages that appear when someone tries to copy / cut data from your computer to be included in the flash
 *. To return to normal you just change the Value Data from the key "WriteProtect" to 0

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Avoid viruses and spam on facebook

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as we know lately our facebook often attacked by the evil messages that often appear in the chat, facebook friends sent from us automatically, as this is one of the viruses and spam that disrupt our facebook and very disturbing.
Facebook, the largest social network with 500 million users, providing an interface to hit the unsuspecting crowd with malware and viruses. The virus is not very difficult to detect if you are careful enough. This virus appeared on your Facebook wall in the form of a weird story or eye-catching and video, and once the user has clicked / liked that link, it's too late
How to avoid it?
1. Think before you Act. Virus on Facebook sly. The hackers and cyber criminals who want your information to know that Facebook users will often click on an interesting post without thinking for a moment. If the post sounds a bit over-the-top like the title of a tabloid, this is your first warning sign. 
2. Try to avoid links and videos with interesting words such as "the funniest thing ever," video "the most hilarious on Facebook," or "You should see this" Do some keyword research to see if the post in question appears in the search. machine with current information about the virus or trojan. 
3. Check for suspicious content posters. If you receive a message from someone you do not know, this is an obvious red flag. Facebook viral video also tend to appear in your news feed or on your wall of your friends do not talk in a while. Unfortunately, the possibility of these friends have fallen victim to the latest viruses on Facebook. After clicking on the story itself, the message was sent to all their friends too. 
4 Avoid messages that have been posted by some users as the virus spreads among your friends who are not so careful. If links with titles such as "Sexiest video ever" appear throughout your feeds from all sorts of people (maybe your friends would not expect to make such posts), this is a warning sign. Possibility of direct messages similar variant of the Koobface Facebook virus known to have used this approach in the past.
5. Do not fall for the "typical" money transfer scheme. Messages from friends chatting needs funds usually will sound suspicious. Everything can not be screened before posting, so the money transfer fraud and a hoax applications are still finding their way onto Facebook. You should also avoid applications that claim to do a "check error" full or fix security issues associated with your profile. 
6. Update anti-virus software frequently. If you accidentally click on the post before realizing it was a hoax, do not click on links or downloading any further. If it is too late and you have been infected, the virus up the removal process can be easy if you have anti-virus programs are good for capturing malware viruses, trojans or other early on.

What's Next?
 These are some important tips to keep your facebook account, but your job is not finished. Once you have detected that the link / post on facebook wall you have hazardous Flag as SPAM so support will stop facebook from further spreading and infecting other users.If you ever fall victim of any such scheme is dangerous, please share your experiences with all users in the form of comments so that others do not fall victim to it.  




Create Fans Page On Google +

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Google + more shows its strength. New features, namely Google + Pages (similar to the Facebook page ), was launched on 7 November 2011 ago. I get a notification from Google + about it and have tried to make it. Apparently G + Page who has the potential & features pretty good too. + Page Google can be a powerful tool to share content blog / website and confirmed the authority of the blog / website and business in the internet world. There are different types of Google + the page can be created as needed. Because the recently launched (beta), + Page Google certainly still exists at some drawbacks compared to a Facebook Page. But I'm sure in the coming months Google + Page can compete with Facebook Page

So, any form of blog / web or any type of business, organizations, companies, etc., I highly recommend making G + Page now. Later, who will appear on the web or advertising is not just like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, but also add us on Google +

The following is how to create pages on google +, certainly before we create a page on google + we should already have the account
1. On your account page G + see bottom right corner, there is a link "Create a Google + Page". Click on the link.

   2. Select the type of page as needed in the "pick a category". If you think you are less fit, select "Other", the following tutorial I use the "others"
3. Continue to fill the data page on the "add your info", the name of Page and website. Check all the requirements at the bottom of the form

after that click create
4. Once the page is made, do the customization. Click the customize menu. Fill in your tagline or description page. Add also a picture as your profile picture page reply has been made before, click "change profile photo", browse to the folder where there are pictures that you want and upload and then click Continue
 you can directly share your page to your friends, or can also directly click Finish to complete the page you just created.  

pretty easy right?, well  just it may be helpful and useful.
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Download mp3 at 4shared

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following I will share with my friends the way that I think has been very much in understanding and in use by many users as a hosting facility for Internet users, so the service download and upload files on the internet, well this time I will invite my friends may not yet understand how to download files or mp3 on 4shared, well just go ahead ..
first, we go to its web 4shared (click the link below to go to 4shared), here I am using Mozilla Firefox


then, please type the mp3 files you want to look for, in the search field, then click the search on the green column, like the example below
 after you had put the file you want to search then you will be directed to a page, the page of the songs you are looking for, usually located below  scroll up your mouse to see the file like the following

 then click one of the files you want, like the example circled in the image above,

 Well sticking out of search results that will be our songs for free download, after the open web, step or how to download mp3 at

Remember well, click the download button is brown and not the color green, sometimes he also bobbed blue ,black / white only. 

 sometimes the file like the following picture will appear, but in the past, usually it's a free option and paid the difference is only on the issue of download speed, now just select Regular download, it usually takes a long time in seconds.

after that, just click Download File Now

 Done, that's short cut to download files or to download free songs. may be useful.
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Activate the video call on facebook

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a few days ago a fan of phage technology futures drop on this page and he asked about the video call   How to Activate the video call on facebook chat, so we are familiar with social networking it's this one, social networking built
by a very talented young man, well just go ahead with the increasing number of social networks are popping up now, facebook also does not want to lose all the social networking always recycle and always develop
their products for the good of their respective networks.

well today I will discuss about the video call is in the facebook chat, which is a skype video call like we can talk with our main opponent, or even other people that much everywhere just by relying on facebook, but the problem is the video call already exist but most people do not understand to use the video call. never to use the video call is we first have to install a plugin or often called softwere to support this facility FacebookVideoCall namely,
to download it just click the following link Download Video call softwere, (This way is the way that I would suggest a more effective way of manual) well after that you can use this service for free, but of course the laptop or your computer is already available camera or often called a webcam. 

 to install automatically just click the video icon on the chat and then after that Select the setup as shown below, wait a while, a video call you succeed in doing

that it may be useful, thank you for your visit ..

see more
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The New Ubuntu 11.10 ‘Oneiric Ocelot

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Good news for Linux fans in particular the users of Ubuntu, has been waiting for has finally been released. The final release of Ubuntu codenamed Oneiric OCELOT 11:10 on October 13, 2011, Oneiric OCELOT is the 15th release of Ubuntu, and would be supported for 18 months for both desktop and server versions.
Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth chose the codename for Ubuntu 11:10 Oneiric OCELOT this. This name, according to Mark, described the cycle of 11:10 version emphasizes on two things, namely dreams and disiplin.Selain that, when interpreted word for word, "Oneiric", in Greek, meaning dream and "OCELOT" is a kind of wild cats that live in Central and South America.

Ubuntu does have a unique gift distronya name using the name of the animal. Similar to Android that each version uses the name of the dessert for breakfast.
11:10 Ubuntu is available for download from the mirror servers around the world, including all versions of the Ubuntu family (Ubuntu Destkop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntuk Cloud, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Edubuntu, Mythbuntu and Ubuntu Studio).
Here are the main features and enhancements in Ubuntu 11:10

Key Features:

  • Unity 3D interface 4.22;
  • Unity 2D interface 4.12;
  • GNOME 3.2.0;
  • Linux kernel 3.0.4;
  • X.Org 7.6;
  • Xorg Server 1.10.4;
  • Upstart 1.3;
  • GCC 4.6 toolchain;
  • Phyton 2.7.2;
  • Compiz Fusion 0.9.6;
Additional Features:

  •     Increased beauty destkop; powered by Unity peluncurnya panel and which have now been ported to GTK3.
  •     Two methods of login; you can choose to use 3D or 2D interface.
  •     The new login screen; 11:10 Ubuntu is now using LighDM, a login manager that is lightweight and beautiful.
  •     Function key combination Alt + Tab new.
  •     Fourteen new wallpaper.
  •     The new Ubuntu Software Center; has been redesigned with a more professional interface.
  •     Mozilla Firefox 7; The latest version of Mozilla's popular web browsers.
  •     Mozilla Thunderbird 7; Manager emails from Mozilla that has now become the default email client for Ubuntu 11.10.     Deja DUP; new backup device.
  •     Support Multiarch; better compatibility for 32-bit architectures to 64-bit systems.
  •     Supports the ARM architecture; Just for Server version.
  •     Support multiple languages ​​for the script; Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
  •     Hybrid CD / USB ISO Images; possible to copy the ISO Images directly on a USB disk.
  •     Music new lens; associated with the Banshee application that facilitates the search for music locally and online


hide the page owners on facebook

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Not something that is difficult indeed, but enough to make us confused if we did not try to learn it, as well as in making a page on facebook, a lot of things that we want to keep private, ranging from the owner, origin and much more, well, but because the many requests from friends of the owner fan page, now I make a tutorial how to hide the page owners on facebook, this way is very easy.
just follow the page owner's  friend this step

- login facebook 
- then click on the page your own fans page
- after that click on Edit info

 -then on the left select the Featured tab (number five on the left)
 -then there are the bottom-page owners and click Edit  Featured Page owners
 -Remove the checklist and the final step of existing and then select Save
 -then reopen your facebook page, the owner of fans page you are successful in hiding
if this info helpful please share and Please Like my Fans page