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Create Fans Page On Google +

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Google + more shows its strength. New features, namely Google + Pages (similar to the Facebook page ), was launched on 7 November 2011 ago. I get a notification from Google + about it and have tried to make it. Apparently G + Page who has the potential & features pretty good too. + Page Google can be a powerful tool to share content blog / website and confirmed the authority of the blog / website and business in the internet world. There are different types of Google + the page can be created as needed. Because the recently launched (beta), + Page Google certainly still exists at some drawbacks compared to a Facebook Page. But I'm sure in the coming months Google + Page can compete with Facebook Page

So, any form of blog / web or any type of business, organizations, companies, etc., I highly recommend making G + Page now. Later, who will appear on the web or advertising is not just like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, but also add us on Google +

The following is how to create pages on google +, certainly before we create a page on google + we should already have the account
1. On your account page G + see bottom right corner, there is a link "Create a Google + Page". Click on the link.

   2. Select the type of page as needed in the "pick a category". If you think you are less fit, select "Other", the following tutorial I use the "others"
3. Continue to fill the data page on the "add your info", the name of Page and website. Check all the requirements at the bottom of the form

after that click create
4. Once the page is made, do the customization. Click the customize menu. Fill in your tagline or description page. Add also a picture as your profile picture page reply has been made before, click "change profile photo", browse to the folder where there are pictures that you want and upload and then click Continue
 you can directly share your page to your friends, or can also directly click Finish to complete the page you just created.  

pretty easy right?, well  just it may be helpful and useful.
How to Create Page On Google +
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