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Download Torrent life of IDM via ziTorrent

11:02 PM

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Typically, to download Torrent files in use applications like Torrent client uTorrent, Vuze, Bit Comet, and so forth. Judging from the speed Download, Torrent file depends on the seeder and the Lecher. If the seeder more than the number of Leecher, then obviously the download speed will be more secure, if not necessarily vice versa.

We have available a wide range of web torrent client that is able to download the torrent file and store it in the server site. Later, the file can be downloaded by the downloader application such as Internet Download Manager (IDM) for example, because it was formed direct link. Torrent one web client that can be used is ziTorrent.

The steps that need to be done:
1. to enter the site, and then do the registration by pressing the option to sign up. In the registration process, you only need to enter username and email address. Click the Create my account.

2. Open your email address to receive a password, then you will be taken account my first page. Therein shown some information about the download. For a free account that is in use, you have a 30 GB quota and can only download 2 files simultaneously torrent. In addition, the maximum file size that can be downloaded torrent is 5Gb.

3. To start the download, click on My Downloads. Click the Browser button and select the file. Torrent that you store on your hard drive. Click the add a new torrent to start downloading.

4. can be seen at the bottom of the page contained the name of the file being downloaded. His status is downloading. you can see the download by clicking the name of an existing file.
Internet Downliad Manager
5. download process will run and the information can be viewed, such as the speed of transfer, then the number of seeder and peer (leecher).

6. If it is done, then his status will be completed. Click the name of the file to download using IDM. Worthy of note, the file that is ready for download only in the store 24 hours, after which it will be deleted from the server.

7. In addition to using the torrent file, you can also use the torrent file link separately to generate Direct Link, so no need to download first. Open a torrent file to be downloaded, then click the button on the page past a torrent link and paste the link in the box and click the add a new torrent.

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