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Sugar Sync Online File Storage

12:37 AM

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Sugar Sync Online File StorageSugar Sync Online File StorageSugar Sync is a service that offers free online storage with a capacity of 5 GB. Just like Dropbox, Sugar Sync allows you to perform automatic backups of all your photos and videos taken with your phone camera.

With Sugar Sync Manager, you can also synchronize with a desktop application that can run on PC and Mac. Sugar Sync lets users select the folder that you want to synchronize. This is different from other applications that only perform synchronization on all files or folders in place within a specific folder in the My Document. So if you install a desktop application on more than one computer then when you login to the Sugar Sync website, you will see a list of computer and folder names are synchronized. As for the sync to all computers and devices, you simply drag and drop files to the Magic Briefcase folder in the My Documents.

Other features such as collaborator with Sugar Sync is more advanced because you can choose to allow your friend to just be able to read the contents of the shared folder or even go to edit the contents of the folder that you share.

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August 23, 2012 at 8:01 PM
I haven't tried sugarsync. Instead, I'm using dropbox and Insync as my online storage service.
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September 20, 2012 at 11:19 PM

Great message for me, thanks a lot.
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