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Facebook Camera: Applications photo like Instagram

Facebook Camera
New news coming of a new facebook app to launch the photo was named Facebook Camera. In fact, this networking site recently annexed Instagram.

The deal between Facebook and Instagram itself is not one hundred percent complete. Reported previously, the delay of this deal due to the investigation of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Here are some reviews of Facebook camera that was launched by Social networks like Facebook are reviewed in the previous (Santi Dwi Jayanti - detikinet)

Front view

When entered into the application, users will see the camera icon in the upper left corner, coupled with photographs taken by the camera up Camera.

Then when discroll down to swipe, is shown photographs of the contact's Facebook users. Yes, this application connects to Facebook, so photos are uploaded on the website friend networking giant feeds were viewed in the photo.


When Instagram has a total of 17 filters in the services, then the application of Facebook has a 'cosmetic' a little more, namely a total of 14 filters.

Another difference with the filter's Instagram in terms of its name. Facebook Camera using the names of 'descriptive' rejuvenate the more users who will work especial photo. Contrast for example, Light, Bright and Golden.

Honestly, to filter on Facebook camera, he was less captivating than the filter are presented Instagram. The combination of colors in Instagram feels more 'bite'.
Facebook Camera

Because the Facebook camera is connected to the app Facebook, then the user is able to do the tagging in the photo. Affixing like and comment also made possible though regrettable, this feature is 'stuck' in the above photo so sometimes feels damaging the display.

There was also the cropping features, but the tilt-shift feature that can make a particular point in the image sharp and blur other areas, absent in this application.

Although the filter less beautiful, but Facebook has a feature that superior camera, the ability to upload multiple photos at once (multiple upload) in a single status by making tick. Plus, the photos could be here later on-tap zoom. These two features are not found in Instagram.

So far, applications Facebook Camera is only available for IOS devices in the English-speaking countries.

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