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Google Drive Storage File On Android

10:20 PM

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Google Drive
 Google Drive is made by Google storage service that gives you online storage for free with a capacity of 5 GB. This service was recently launched by Google in stages to the Gmail account owner, starting in May 2012. Overall, the feature offered by the Drive is not much different from the Dropbox.

You can installed a desktop application and synchronize files with drag and drop files into Google Drive folder located in My Documents.
Google Drive
Just like other applications, you can also take advantage of mobile applications that are only temporarily available for Android OS. However, Google promised to launch an application that runs on iOS. if you do not have an Android phone and the computer can also log in from the browser via the internet cafe for example.

One of the advantages of Google Drive is you can take a photo of a text document and convert it to a Google Document. Unfortunately up to this writing, Google does not yet provide collaboration features that allow the Collaborator to share and edit files in a shared folder.

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July 23, 2012 at 2:12 AM
Google Drive is a very good online storage space for any individual.

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