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Free Calls From android

8:26 PM

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Free Calls From androidAlthough many carriers that offer cheap phone packages, but to communicate using the telephone is still the prediction is expensive. Simple and inexpensive solution is to utilize the facility "Push To Talk".
In Mobile, Walkie Talkie service that utilizes the same data path that are now more affordable. Or you can take advantage of free WiFi hot spot.

Simply by installing applications on HP Talkie Walkie Zello Android, do a little setup and you will be free to communicate with users of the same application. Of course, like a Walkie Talkie alternately.
For who wants to try it, the following steps:

Download and setup

1. Walkie Talkie Zello download applications from Google Play (Android Market). Next, install it to your hand phone Android.
2. Once installed and running, Walkie Talkie Zello will ask you to create an account. Content according to the data needed

 How To  use

1. Click the menu separately add a contact, and wait until your friend confirm it.
2. To start talking, click on your friend's account, here, you will find several options menu.
3. Press a while "Hold and Speak" to hear a "beep" and a connection indicator changes from blue to red. You just talk. Further off "Hold and Speak" to give your friends a chance to speak.

Additional Features

Other facilities are also provided Walkie Talkie Zello this application include: adding Channel Chat (Chat Room sort of), set the account status, add a status message, History conversational setting up alerts and interfaces,

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