BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry V6.1 Beta Zone

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BlackBerry MessengerCurrently BlackBerry Messenger V6.1 you can download the BlackBerry ® Beta Zone in which there are several new features. Now you have a lot of ways to personalize the message with a few additional new features in V6.1 of this fuel. As the animated avatars, new emoticons, chat bubble color adjustment (colored chat bubbles), an increase in the number of characters a personal message and integrate it with pictures. The addition of new personalization features are due to numerous requests from communities for fuel and the testers from BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Avatar animations.
You can access a selection of animated GIF on the image to be installed as an avatar. Three animated avatars that are available, namely 'smiling', 'laugh' and 'love'.

Addition of characters in a personal message.
In the latest BlackBerry Messenger V6.1, space private message (status) was added to 160 characters. The previous limit of 80 characters.

Colored chat bubbles. 
Chat bubble color adjustment by selecting the 10 colors available.

Camera / Avatar Integration. 
Buddy can change / update the avatar fuel directly from your BlackBerry camera application by selecting "Set as Display Picture fuel" from the options menu.

New emoticons.
A picture has a meaning and different words. With the addition of 12 new emoticons in the catalog of fuel, my friend has a lot of ways to express yourself and personalize the message to several friends who have contacted the fuel.~ BlackBerry Messenger on BlackBerry V6.1 Beta Zone

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Google Now New Feature From Google

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Google really take advantage of the moment in the event the Google I / O Conference to do a 'show of force' line of products are like Google Nexus 7, Nexus Q, Android 4.1 and Google's Jelly Bean Glass.
Google introduces a new feature that carries a name similar Siri Google Now.
Google NowGoogle Now is the expansion of the Google Search service that has the ability to add various kinds of smart "cards" or cards that will help users to monitor the weather, showing the location and the recommendations that should be a place visited by users.Now Google's advanced features are accessible from the lockscreen or through the Google Search widget, then the user will disuguhu simple search bar that is ready to receive questions or voice commands.Unlike the Apple Siri or Samsung S Voice, Google Now it comes with a card or card system. The system is like an add-on or plug-ins that can be added or subtracted as needed.At the beginning of its presence, Google Now bring the 10 card or the card include:

  • Traffic, to help users to achieve the desired place, its function is similar to GPS.
  • Public Transit, presented information on public transportation such as transit terminals, bus stops and so forth.
  • Next Appointment, serves as reminder that will remind users of appointments made ​​and mark the corresponding location on the map.
  • Flights, flight schedule information presented.
  • Sports, to bring the information up-to-date about the sport.
  • Places, helps users find a restaurant or a hotel around the attractions visited and add reviews about the place.
  • Weather, weather information present residential users.
  • Translation, online dictionary based on Google Translate.
  • Currency, presenting information on the currency exchange rate countries.
  • Time at Home, to present information at the time the user is in another time zone.

Google Now this is one of Google's resistance to compete with Apple Siri, you are curious about Google Now? Consider the following Google Now video.


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How to Protect Computers from Virus Attacks

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Protect Computers from Virus ~ Can not be denied to millions of people currently have to use a computer and must have internet access, now with the internet access is easy access from a virus into a computer system or us.
not only harmful to our system but sophisticated viruses that are specially made to harm our data, therefore, to avoid the dangers of viruses and spywere should we give or make a protection to ward off the danger of the virus in our computers so we can more freely access the Internet without are concerned that there is a virus
Kill computer virus and spywere
1. Start protection. Each computer is usually already have anti-virus program, like Windows is already integrated with the Microsoft Windows Security Center.

The program should be periodically updated your skills in order to maximize protection to protect your computer.

2. Choose anti-virus program as needed. Please use anti-virus free or paid. But some anti-virus features in paid more diverse, so the ability to protect your computer from viruses is higher than antii-free virus.

3. Program is not only dangerous virus, but also there is the so-called spyware. This type can be more dangerous than a virus because spyware can find out what computer users are doing at any time with the device. So the bias is said that the spyware was a spy in cyberspace.

4. Find out how the virus works. The main difference between spyware and viruses in the manner of their deployment. The virus can independently reproduce the cell to any data on the computer. While deployed as a spyware cookie that appears every time the computer user to access the internet.

5. The most effective way to ward off computer viruses are always adding information about the virus and anti-virus. Find out how to protect computers with anti-virus and identify the types of virus that can threaten the security of the computer. ~ How to Protect Computers from Virus Attacks

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Free Credit Card From Infolinks

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This time I will share how to get a Free Credit Card from Payoneer through Infolinks. Only less than one month after our application in the Approve, we will get the information if the credit card will be mailed to the registered address within 10 working days and up to 25 working days for delivery outside the U.S. This proved a credit card to my house within a period of less than one month, then indeed the right time according to a notification email from Infolinks..

following steps:

  • Login using your account on Infolinks

  • Click on "My Account" »see the" Payment Details "and click" edit "
Free Credit Card From Infolinks
  •  Next select the payment method to a 2 "Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard"
Free Credit Card From Infolinks
  • If you've made ​​the choice to 2 as above, continue to click "Next"
  • Click on the top it says "Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard", you'll be taken to the registration form Payoneer credit card
Free Credit Card From Infolinks
  •  Fill in and complete the third phase of registration in accordance with your personal data
Free Credit Card From Infolinks
  •  Once completed do not forget to check all three main rules of Payoneer and click "finish"

Note: Complete your order for the data content delivery to its destination

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Read BBM Secretly From Sender

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For users of BBM (Blackberry Messenger) are already familiar with Blackberry application this seed must already know, when he received a BBM message, the sender will receive notification in the form of a check with the letter D to indicate that the message to the recipient (Delivered). A letter will then be changed to R as you read the message (read).

At some point, of course there are conditions where you are so curious to read a message of fuel received, but not known by the sender, because they do not want further communication.

In fact, there are techniques to remain able to read the message without sending notification to the sender R. Here's how:
Before you can do this, there is a setting to do.

1. Run the Blackberry Messenger application.
 2. Click the button menu, choose Options.
 3. Scroll to the Save Chat History and change the option Never a Device or Media Card.

4. Click OK if you appear like this.
 5. Press the back button, click Save.
Now you should be able to read incoming messages without sending fuel R notification to the sender. But with the following techniques.

6. When there is an incoming message, open the fuel but not through the notification center under the bookmark hours.

7. Navigate highlight to the sender, but do not rush to open the message.
8. Click on the menu, select View Chat History
9. Open a last resort or by the date when the message is sent.
10. And you can freely read the message without the knowledge of the sender.
In addition to using manual techniques such as the above there are other ways, namely by using the help of an application called Peep It.

11. Applications Peep It can be obtained from the App World to buy it for $ 2.99, or try this application in the trial version for free
12. Settings in steps 1-5 should also be done while using the application Peep It.
13. When receiving a message that you want to fuel "voyeur", you simply open the application Peep It.

14. Select the desired contact from the list.
15. You can freely read the message without sending a notification received "R" to the sender with greater ease. (Anwar Aburizal)
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Playing Playstation on Android

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Playing Playstation on Android
To play a few games in the PS1 games you need a PS1 emulator and psx bios for your android Phone. You can download it at: (psx4droid), (FPse),
• or in the android market.

Once the emulator is downloaded, there are a few steps more settings you have to do. Well, the steps are:

1. Make a special folder on an external SD card to put the bios file.

For example: Game Psx. To facilitate you in its manufacture, use management applications or files you can download the android market. OI file manager or astro file manager for example.

2. Install PS-1 emulator application on your android HP (FPse).

3. Install applications psx bios.

4. After that do the bios settings. Go to settings - system - Bios Loading.

5. Then the bios file browser in accordance with the folder that you created earlier.

6. If the steps are complete, do not forget to save your settings are not changeable. Click or tab Default Config menu Save (save as the default config).

The next step you just browse the PS-1 game to be played. PS-1 game for his own use an extension or format game ISO / Bin not an exe. Stick to its own setting, you can access the input menu when the game is being played, will stay in check which button you want to show. Then save.

But keep in mind also that not all PS-1 game can be played on android Phone, android version that also supports file fun is only 2.1 (Eclair) and above. (


Activate Flip 3D by Mouse

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Activate Flip 3D via Mouse
Windows operating system is now known as the reliability of the graphics display, and one of them is a 3D flip. Well, below is how to enable the 3D flip by moving the mouse at the end of the screen, but in fact the trick is not easy, because often we find the failure.
Well, in anticipation of failure, you can use the Vista Flip 3D activator. You can download the
you can just install the tool, and check by moving the cursor to the end of the screen.
You can just mark the desired mouse button. As long as you turn on the 3D flip. You can use the mouse scroll the window, and click to activate it.
This application is also able to display your favorite wallpaper.
Utility is quite light and small, with consumption of the system only 2mb. So you do not need to hesitate system resource will be exhausted

The way to create android programs

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The way to create android programs
Should you be looking with regard to information on how to formulate Google android software, let us assist you to. You know, Google android apps are very loved by individuals with Google android systems.
Some individuals can't learn what these are searching for, in order that they desire to make their unique. Then you have some that want to build Android mobile phone apps to allow them to sell these phones earn money.
Regardless of what that are used for wanting to develop these kind of applications, we could aid!
With the Android os Application You need to CreateBefore getting began with the way to produce Android os programs, you simply must consider the app you wish to develop. Start with classification as well as take into consideration which in turn category the actual iphone app might fit in.
Next think about the Android iphone app you need to produce. For those who have not a clue to what to build up, start with with the distinct types additional Android os apps are placed throughout.
Below are a few types the Android mobile phone apps they fit within.Proper Planning Settles When you Want to Develop a good Android Software As with all venture you'll want to plan the whole undertaking prior to starting any kind of work with the particular venture.
Do not forget that "failing to organize can be likely to fail". And also faltering is something you dont want to accomplish when learning the best way to build Android apps.

A straightforward project strategy can help you save lots of time on your application.Achievement Duration of Venture Probably the most neglected facets of growth 's time invested in the venture. Simply because an app is straightforward does not mean it will require much less time than a large complicated application.
It is possible to a lot of elements that you'll want to consider when it comes to moment used on a project. One of the most neglected part of the course of action to build the Android mobile phone app may be the ready occasion for the software. Simply receiving every thing jointly including information for the software as well as testing treatments in place will require time to complete.

You can even need to read something totally new to acquire the required outcomes on your own application. In which learning normally takes some time. Then there is even the time that it is going to take any time screening the particular iphone app. Bear in mind a lot of smart phones have some eccentricities and you may should address these kind of for the best final results. Through an application that will merely preps 1 device is something that you wish to steer clear of at all costs.
Consequently, when preparing your project be sure you include constantly that you might not have regarded but is obviously crucial while studying how to produce Google android apps.Industry for Android os ApplicationFinding out how to develop Android mobile phone applications can provide all sorts of possibilities.

When you have perfected just what it takes to generate a good application and get visitors to down load the idea, it appears as though the night sky could be the restriction. However, there is something you need to contemplate while developing your application and that is learning if there is an industry on your app or not.

Establishing a good iphone app in which no person will probably obtain or even use is something that just about all programmers worry and it's really far better to decide the marketplace for your own app before starting creating that.

Seek out additional Android os software that are within the identical market and see just how popular they are about the Google android iphone app shop can provide you with a good suggestion in case your iphone app will likely be profitable you aren't.

Abilities Necessary When Creating an Android mobile phone App When you are doing Android mobile phone programming you ought to get an emulator that can be used to check your product out. When making these Droid applications you can also analyze in distinct units making sure that your own iphone app conditions virtually all of the gadgets. Needless to say there can be a number of units that will act somewhat humorous sometimes nevertheless be sure to target at the very least the superior ten smart phones for optimum results.
The way to create android programs

As well as your Google android app should function wonderfully around the finest Google android cell phone at that time. The true secret pertaining to working out develop Android mobile phone applications is testing. Ensuring every thing functions operate should on just about any gadget. Make sure you comprise of Google android pills as well as smart phones any time tests your products.
What Specialized niche or Precisely what Android Software Classification Will You Make use of?Allow me to share the commonest Android software categories. Anyone application will likely need to actually concentrate on one of these types for the best results. Naturally, drilling right down to a specific category will likely be essential however a broad area of interest can help you emphasis much better any time developing a good android app.

The following may be the Android iphone app groups: Books, Business, Communication, Education, Entertainment, Health & Physical fitness Media & Movie, Medical, News, Shopping, Sports, Tools, Travel.
WeatherSimply by obtaining a niche or group your Android mobile phone app is inserted to you are able to aid make sure that your Google android software will likely be discovered by customers which are searching for the actual Google android app keep.
Take for instance you're making a Metacafe Video Google android Application that makes it an easy task to comment on Metacafe video clips helping get the video clips you would like cached in the system; you will be much better prepared for listing the idea around the Android mobile phone app shop given it suits the entertainment group. By using these types of simple steps concerning how to produce Android mobile phone applications you will get your current software ready very quickly. Nevertheless, do not forget that prep is the key.

New in Android Jelly Bean 5.0

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Google has released a version of the android in alphabetical order - C (Cupcake), D (Donut), E (Eclair), F (Froyo), G (Gingerbread), H (Honeycomb) and I (Ice Cream Sandwich), the next version of the phone and Tablet Android OS will be Android 5.0 named Jelly Bean.

The current version, Android ICS has brought a large number of refreshment and combines features of Android Honeycomb and Gingerbread. Jelly bean in Android will get a little change that would provide a better user experience than its predecessor.
Android Jelly Bean 5.0
So what are some advantages to the power of the OS on this one? Here goes a few:

1. integrated Google Chrome
Google Chrome features so far not been integrated in the Android OS. Android fans expect that in the next release that contains the Android. Android Jelly Bean 5.0, Google will bring Google chrome browser will be integrated. This will give users the same experience with the desktop version of Google chrome.
Currently Google offers users to download Chrome for Android (still in beta)

2. The existence Built In File Manager
Jelly Bean on the OS will reportedly have a Built In File Manager that allows users to easily access and organize files as needed. Smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung have started to prepare the file manager as part of their standard applications. Thus, the large number of file manager application has been downloaded by Android user from Android Market (Google Play) for several months. Google is expected to introduce a file manager in the next OS. Although the company will continue to support the application file via the Third Party Manager.
Android Jelly Bean 5.0
3. Improvements to the Battery and Power ManagementAndroid Jelly Bean 5.0
Many users face problems with battery life on their Android devices. Android Jelly Bean 5.0 has come up with a battery efficiency and better power management to increase acceleration and optimization hardware. In this case Google did a lot of development to prevent third-party applications that will drain the battery consumption. Also, it would be great if Google make Android Jelly Bean 5.0 in such a way. Resulting in faster and more efficiently. Especially in comparison with Windows 7 and iOS phones, Android a bit sluggish and slow.

4. Improvement in function Keyboard
Users expects that Google will update your standard keyboard with standard features and more new designs. This will include the process of typing so much easier. Android ICS currently has the technology built-in Input, automatically corrects misspelled words, or underscores the potentially incorrect spelling. Users expect that Google will have more features in the release of Android Jelly Bean 5.0.