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Google Now New Feature From Google

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Google really take advantage of the moment in the event the Google I / O Conference to do a 'show of force' line of products are like Google Nexus 7, Nexus Q, Android 4.1 and Google's Jelly Bean Glass.
Google introduces a new feature that carries a name similar Siri Google Now.
Google NowGoogle Now is the expansion of the Google Search service that has the ability to add various kinds of smart "cards" or cards that will help users to monitor the weather, showing the location and the recommendations that should be a place visited by users.Now Google's advanced features are accessible from the lockscreen or through the Google Search widget, then the user will disuguhu simple search bar that is ready to receive questions or voice commands.Unlike the Apple Siri or Samsung S Voice, Google Now it comes with a card or card system. The system is like an add-on or plug-ins that can be added or subtracted as needed.At the beginning of its presence, Google Now bring the 10 card or the card include:

  • Traffic, to help users to achieve the desired place, its function is similar to GPS.
  • Public Transit, presented information on public transportation such as transit terminals, bus stops and so forth.
  • Next Appointment, serves as reminder that will remind users of appointments made ​​and mark the corresponding location on the map.
  • Flights, flight schedule information presented.
  • Sports, to bring the information up-to-date about the sport.
  • Places, helps users find a restaurant or a hotel around the attractions visited and add reviews about the place.
  • Weather, weather information present residential users.
  • Translation, online dictionary based on Google Translate.
  • Currency, presenting information on the currency exchange rate countries.
  • Time at Home, to present information at the time the user is in another time zone.

Google Now this is one of Google's resistance to compete with Apple Siri, you are curious about Google Now? Consider the following Google Now video.

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