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Activate Flip 3D by Mouse

2:43 AM

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Activate Flip 3D via Mouse
Windows operating system is now known as the reliability of the graphics display, and one of them is a 3D flip. Well, below is how to enable the 3D flip by moving the mouse at the end of the screen, but in fact the trick is not easy, because often we find the failure.
Well, in anticipation of failure, you can use the Vista Flip 3D activator. You can download the
you can just install the tool, and check by moving the cursor to the end of the screen.
You can just mark the desired mouse button. As long as you turn on the 3D flip. You can use the mouse scroll the window, and click to activate it.
This application is also able to display your favorite wallpaper.
Utility is quite light and small, with consumption of the system only 2mb. So you do not need to hesitate system resource will be exhausted

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