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How to Protect Computers from Virus Attacks

10:51 PM

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Protect Computers from Virus ~ Can not be denied to millions of people currently have to use a computer and must have internet access, now with the internet access is easy access from a virus into a computer system or us.
not only harmful to our system but sophisticated viruses that are specially made to harm our data, therefore, to avoid the dangers of viruses and spywere should we give or make a protection to ward off the danger of the virus in our computers so we can more freely access the Internet without are concerned that there is a virus
Kill computer virus and spywere
1. Start protection. Each computer is usually already have anti-virus program, like Windows is already integrated with the Microsoft Windows Security Center.

The program should be periodically updated your skills in order to maximize protection to protect your computer.

2. Choose anti-virus program as needed. Please use anti-virus free or paid. But some anti-virus features in paid more diverse, so the ability to protect your computer from viruses is higher than antii-free virus.

3. Program is not only dangerous virus, but also there is the so-called spyware. This type can be more dangerous than a virus because spyware can find out what computer users are doing at any time with the device. So the bias is said that the spyware was a spy in cyberspace.

4. Find out how the virus works. The main difference between spyware and viruses in the manner of their deployment. The virus can independently reproduce the cell to any data on the computer. While deployed as a spyware cookie that appears every time the computer user to access the internet.

5. The most effective way to ward off computer viruses are always adding information about the virus and anti-virus. Find out how to protect computers with anti-virus and identify the types of virus that can threaten the security of the computer. ~ How to Protect Computers from Virus Attacks

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July 18, 2012 at 5:07 AM
These are the very good tips, First we get to know about types of viruses and how they infect. But for any kind of viruses, there is solution. By installing virus removal tools, we can get rid of these viruses.

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