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Read BBM Secretly From Sender

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For users of BBM (Blackberry Messenger) are already familiar with Blackberry application this seed must already know, when he received a BBM message, the sender will receive notification in the form of a check with the letter D to indicate that the message to the recipient (Delivered). A letter will then be changed to R as you read the message (read).

At some point, of course there are conditions where you are so curious to read a message of fuel received, but not known by the sender, because they do not want further communication.

In fact, there are techniques to remain able to read the message without sending notification to the sender R. Here's how:
Before you can do this, there is a setting to do.

1. Run the Blackberry Messenger application.
 2. Click the button menu, choose Options.
 3. Scroll to the Save Chat History and change the option Never a Device or Media Card.

4. Click OK if you appear like this.
 5. Press the back button, click Save.
Now you should be able to read incoming messages without sending fuel R notification to the sender. But with the following techniques.

6. When there is an incoming message, open the fuel but not through the notification center under the bookmark hours.

7. Navigate highlight to the sender, but do not rush to open the message.
8. Click on the menu, select View Chat History
9. Open a last resort or by the date when the message is sent.
10. And you can freely read the message without the knowledge of the sender.
In addition to using manual techniques such as the above there are other ways, namely by using the help of an application called Peep It.

11. Applications Peep It can be obtained from the App World to buy it for $ 2.99, or try this application in the trial version for free
12. Settings in steps 1-5 should also be done while using the application Peep It.
13. When receiving a message that you want to fuel "voyeur", you simply open the application Peep It.

14. Select the desired contact from the list.
15. You can freely read the message without sending a notification received "R" to the sender with greater ease. (Anwar Aburizal)
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