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Playing Playstation on Android

10:19 PM

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Playing Playstation on Android
To play a few games in the PS1 games you need a PS1 emulator and psx bios for your android Phone. You can download it at: (psx4droid), (FPse),
• or in the android market.

Once the emulator is downloaded, there are a few steps more settings you have to do. Well, the steps are:

1. Make a special folder on an external SD card to put the bios file.

For example: Game Psx. To facilitate you in its manufacture, use management applications or files you can download the android market. OI file manager or astro file manager for example.

2. Install PS-1 emulator application on your android HP (FPse).

3. Install applications psx bios.

4. After that do the bios settings. Go to settings - system - Bios Loading.

5. Then the bios file browser in accordance with the folder that you created earlier.

6. If the steps are complete, do not forget to save your settings are not changeable. Click or tab Default Config menu Save (save as the default config).

The next step you just browse the PS-1 game to be played. PS-1 game for his own use an extension or format game ISO / Bin not an exe. Stick to its own setting, you can access the input menu when the game is being played, will stay in check which button you want to show. Then save.

But keep in mind also that not all PS-1 game can be played on android Phone, android version that also supports file fun is only 2.1 (Eclair) and above. (

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