How to insert Image in Facebook Chat

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At present many interesting features provided by Facebook to captivate the hearts of lovers facebook to fix the constant of the side view, and even chat facilities are provided, have a chat before the fix by adding Emotion, and even video chat, but this time re-adding facebook features like the emotion that one could as add a picture to chat. You can insert an image via Facebook chat.

One way is to use Facebook Chat facility is owned by Maker Codes site.
Facebook Chat

You can upload your images to be sent at the site Next, the code will appear on the page Chatting up this site. And, if you want to send the picture, you can simply copy-paste the code on your Facebook page chat, and the image will appear.

Create Facebook smiley chat codes from any image and post them into your Facebook chat.

How to insert Image in Facebook Chat
Get started with 3 easy steps:

Step One > Open > Click the “Choose File” Button and choose an image from your computer

Step Two > Click the “Upload Now” button
upload image to Facebook Chat

Step Three > Paste the code to Facebook Chat
Example :
[[375037352572362]] [[375037339239030]] [[375037342572363]] [[375037345905696]] [[375037349239029]] [[375037472572350]] [[375037469239017]] [[375037479239016]] [[375037475905683]]
[[375037462572351]] [[375037569239007]] [[375037562572341]] [[375037565905674]] [[375037555905675]] [[375037559239008]] [[375037669238997]] [[375037665905664]] [[375037672572330]]
[[375037675905663]] [[375037682572329]] [[375037772572320]] [[375037775905653]] [[375037762572321]] [[375037765905654]] [[375037769238987]] [[375037955905635]] [[375037939238970]]
[[375037962572301]] [[375037929238971]] [[375037959238968]] [[375038099238954]] [[375038102572287]] [[375038105905620]] [[375038109238953]] [[375038112572286]] [[375038269238937]]
[[375038262572271]] [[375038272572270]] [[375038295905601]] [[375038292572268]] [[375038485905582]] [[375038479238916]] [[375038475905583]] [[375038472572250]] [[375038482572249]]
[[375038632572234]] [[375038639238900]] [[375038642572233]] [[375038635905567]] [[375038629238901]] [[375038765905554]] [[375038755905555]] [[375038762572221]] [[375038752572222]]
[[375038772572220]] [[375038902572207]] [[375038925905538]] [[375038899238874]] [[375038919238872]] [[375038922572205]] [[375039145905516]] [[375039155905515]] [[375039152572182]]
[[375039142572183]] [[375039149238849]] [[375039252572172]] [[375039232572174]] [[375039239238840]] [[375039249238839]] [[375039235905507]] [[375039412572156]] [[375039405905490]]
[[375039389238825]] [[375039399238824]] [[375039409238823]] [[375039552572142]] [[375039555905475]] [[375039545905476]] [[375039559238808]] [[375039549238809]] [[375039779238786]]

And the result is like this :
insert Image in Facebook Chat
that's it, so make a different chat with your facebook friends

New and Exciting social network "Path"

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New and Exciting social network Path
Are you an active in social network? If so, do you have activated your account on your gadget Path? If not, activate this application on your favorite gadgets.
social network Path
Because the Path - a personal journal application, which launched in November 2010 has a nice feature that is more cool than Facebook. Although not famous like Facebook, which recently renewed Path version 2.5.1, has attracted many users because of its entertainment gadget world without limits that are served in it.
social network

There are also features that you can get even when using the path, such as images you can share directly in the edit and the addition of a unique choice of 9 filters, check in place, update status, mention to your friends, and Nike + FuelBand route.
social network Path
There is a unique one of the Path, there are features that are not in the other social media that you're telling your friends what music playlist to listen or watch the video and reading the book. You can also share the activities in the Path to your friends directly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Email.

If it has been tired renew Path column, you can say goodbye to sleep to my friends. This application can also be enjoyed in seven different languages​​, among them; Bahasa Indonesian, English, Dutch, Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Malay, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, French, Korean, and Chinese. So, with easy access to the Indonesian language, so users of these applications in the country to explore farther Path.
social network Path

Besides can be enjoyed in Apple gadget, application paths can also be enjoyed by users of Android gadgets that can be downloaded at Google Play.

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How To Move iPhone Applications to Computer

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How To Move iPhone Applications to Computer ~ Various applications are sold in the App Store continues to grow day after day. Is now available not less than 200,000 kinds of applications both free and paid.
One of the advantages of buying apps in the Apple App Store is the integration and compatibility of applications on a number of gadgets.

For example, we buy games or ebook applications through the iPhone, then we want to move to the iPod Touch, iPad or MacBook can be done easily.
That way, we do not need to buy two or three applications together to complete the collection of games or ebook into our Apple devices.
Move iPhone Applications to Computer

Easy to do so. But before moving all paid applications from the iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad) to a computer or a laptop, be sure to authorize the computer before being connected to the device. To authorize, following step-scarce:

  •      Open iTunes
  •      From the menu "Store", choose "Authorize Computer"
  •      In the dialog box that appears, the default Apple ID button. If you have an AOL account, select  AOL.
  •      Enter your Apple ID or AOL ID following his or her password, then click the "Authorize"

After we connected the device to the computer and the icon that appears in iTunes, you can choose "Transfer Purchases" from the "Your device name" in the menu "File". All applications that we buy will be moved to a new Mac. Move iPhone Applications to Computer Good LuCk

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Dangerous Threat on Web during the London Olympics

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Dangerous Threat on Web during the London Olympics ~ After the opening of the London Olympics take place of luxury and elegance, Trend Micro, a security company, has found many fake websites claiming to sell tickets for the race and a fake site that sells illegal cards to users in Japan. Apart from this, Trend Micro, has found several fake websites to deceive Live Streaming sports lovers of Olympic fever.
London Olympics

When the user clicks the keyword "london olympics opening ceremony watch live" or " watch live 2012 london olympics", then the words are called to appear in the top row of the search in the search engines through Blackhat Search Engine Optimization (BHSE). Some of these fake Web Live Streaming:

•    http://olympicsopeningceremony2012live.{BLOCKED}
•    http://olympicgames2012live.{BLOCKED}
•    http://olypiccoverage2012.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12openinglivestream.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}ndonolympics2012liveonline.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12olympicsonline.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12olympicsliveonline.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12olympicsliveonline.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12olympicsliveonline.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12olympicsliveonline.{BLOCKED}

London 2012 Olympics  as, a row of fake URL link is clicked, the user will be redirected to the web selling cheap tickets Olympic Games or the request to enter a personal email, this course will be utilized to conduct their spam.  Via CHIP

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