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New and Exciting social network "Path"

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New and Exciting social network Path
Are you an active in social network? If so, do you have activated your account on your gadget Path? If not, activate this application on your favorite gadgets.
social network Path
Because the Path - a personal journal application, which launched in November 2010 has a nice feature that is more cool than Facebook. Although not famous like Facebook, which recently renewed Path version 2.5.1, has attracted many users because of its entertainment gadget world without limits that are served in it.
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There are also features that you can get even when using the path, such as images you can share directly in the edit and the addition of a unique choice of 9 filters, check in place, update status, mention to your friends, and Nike + FuelBand route.
social network Path
There is a unique one of the Path, there are features that are not in the other social media that you're telling your friends what music playlist to listen or watch the video and reading the book. You can also share the activities in the Path to your friends directly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Email.

If it has been tired renew Path column, you can say goodbye to sleep to my friends. This application can also be enjoyed in seven different languages​​, among them; Bahasa Indonesian, English, Dutch, Norwegian, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Malay, Spanish, Japanese, Swedish, French, Korean, and Chinese. So, with easy access to the Indonesian language, so users of these applications in the country to explore farther Path.
social network Path

Besides can be enjoyed in Apple gadget, application paths can also be enjoyed by users of Android gadgets that can be downloaded at Google Play.

Avathaa Viure

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September 18, 2012 at 7:46 AM
There are so many new social media sites out there today! I want to look into Path and see if I like it or not! My most recent find is a travel social network for planning trips and meeting people! I have only used it once, but it led to meeting some great new people and having a great new adventure!

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