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Dangerous Threat on Web during the London Olympics

10:32 PM

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Dangerous Threat on Web during the London Olympics ~ After the opening of the London Olympics take place of luxury and elegance, Trend Micro, a security company, has found many fake websites claiming to sell tickets for the race and a fake site that sells illegal cards to users in Japan. Apart from this, Trend Micro, has found several fake websites to deceive Live Streaming sports lovers of Olympic fever.
London Olympics

When the user clicks the keyword "london olympics opening ceremony watch live" or " watch live 2012 london olympics", then the words are called to appear in the top row of the search in the search engines through Blackhat Search Engine Optimization (BHSE). Some of these fake Web Live Streaming:

•    http://olympicsopeningceremony2012live.{BLOCKED}
•    http://olympicgames2012live.{BLOCKED}
•    http://olypiccoverage2012.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12openinglivestream.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}ndonolympics2012liveonline.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12olympicsonline.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12olympicsliveonline.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12olympicsliveonline.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12olympicsliveonline.{BLOCKED}
•    http://{BLOCKED}12olympicsliveonline.{BLOCKED}

London 2012 Olympics  as, a row of fake URL link is clicked, the user will be redirected to the web selling cheap tickets Olympic Games or the request to enter a personal email, this course will be utilized to conduct their spam.  Via CHIP

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