Applications Official Euro 2012

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Applications Official Euro 2012
Europe biggest sports event, euro will soon be at the start. EURO 2012 to be held this time in Poland and Ukraine will host the 14 other countries such as Spain, Italy, England, Portugal and Others.

For the lovers of football would be a moment that this event is in waiting for, a variety of games, news, and latest news about the EURO 2012 Update must be mandatory in any time during this last moment.

Luckily this time we have entered into the smartphone, where information can be done through the touch of a finger, because of the Official EURO 2012 application has also been released by UEFA and can be downloaded now for your smartphone.

EURO 2012 in the application can get for free for users of iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry. Just live each search "online store" to get it.

Applications Official Euro 2012Glance we will discuss what is contained in the application of Euro 2012. Application used is a version of IOS, but display menus and navigation are not much different between different platforms.

: In this section we can see the latest news about the EURO 2012 is continued in the update automatically, the game will come, and at the top is the favorite choice of the team that we can set in advance among the 16 countries competing.
Go to the navigation menu, we will get a choice.

: the schedule of matches, a group of AD, standings, and teams that made it into round Knockout.

TEAMS : here we can see the full information of each country to compete. Start of the match schedule, team positions, and the line-up players.

: News about the Euro 2012 we can get it all here, and keep updated as the passing of this annual event 4. Do not miss the photo gallery that we can access one by one.

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Enjoying Google Music service

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Google Music is an online storage service where you can store up to 20,000 songs in Google's cloud servers. That way, you can upload your favorite songs at home, and listened to it in the office without having to sacrifice hard drive space. The main problem is the service itself is only limited to the United States alone, but with a few tricks, you can enjoy it.

Google Music serviceHere are the steps you need to do to be able to enjoy a Google Music service.

1. to use this service, you must sign in using your Google account on page But Google can identify your location outside the United States through the IP address being used. It will display a warning that this service is only available to U.S. only.

2. This service is a way to outsmart the help of TunnelBear applications. With this application, you can use the IP address of the location of the Americans through the VPN network. Google Music itself requires an IP address when the first Americans to register. After that you can use this service anywhere using free IP address.

TunnelBear3. Download an application at the address TunnelBear / install. Click download for PC or Mac, then install the application.

4. Do register early using the email address. After you do the email confirmation is received, then the application is ready for use.

5. After sign in choose the free option. Click next if it is. To use the application, click the play button until the status becomes ON. Wait until the status becomes connected. When you are running, then a graph showing the connection will appear.

Google Music service
6. Go back to Google Music Website  and do sign in again. Must have been accessible. After that download Music Manager Application is used to upload music files. Install the application and sign in using the same account when you sign up on Google Music. If you have reached this step, you can close the TunnelBear (This application is used only to sign in at the Google Music only)

7. Specify the default folder where the music files will be uploaded. To upload, select the music file and press the upload button, then click Go to Google Music to check whether it has been entered in the account or not.

9. To see the music files already on the Upload Songs click on the library. File will be displayed in the main window; here you can play the songs, adding to the play list. Or do edit the info...

In this way and hopefully useful Google Music Service can be enjoyed anywhere...

Download Torrent life of IDM via ziTorrent

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Typically, to download Torrent files in use applications like Torrent client uTorrent, Vuze, Bit Comet, and so forth. Judging from the speed Download, Torrent file depends on the seeder and the Lecher. If the seeder more than the number of Leecher, then obviously the download speed will be more secure, if not necessarily vice versa.

We have available a wide range of web torrent client that is able to download the torrent file and store it in the server site. Later, the file can be downloaded by the downloader application such as Internet Download Manager (IDM) for example, because it was formed direct link. Torrent one web client that can be used is ziTorrent.

The steps that need to be done:
1. to enter the site, and then do the registration by pressing the option to sign up. In the registration process, you only need to enter username and email address. Click the Create my account.

2. Open your email address to receive a password, then you will be taken account my first page. Therein shown some information about the download. For a free account that is in use, you have a 30 GB quota and can only download 2 files simultaneously torrent. In addition, the maximum file size that can be downloaded torrent is 5Gb.

3. To start the download, click on My Downloads. Click the Browser button and select the file. Torrent that you store on your hard drive. Click the add a new torrent to start downloading.

4. can be seen at the bottom of the page contained the name of the file being downloaded. His status is downloading. you can see the download by clicking the name of an existing file.
Internet Downliad Manager
5. download process will run and the information can be viewed, such as the speed of transfer, then the number of seeder and peer (leecher).

6. If it is done, then his status will be completed. Click the name of the file to download using IDM. Worthy of note, the file that is ready for download only in the store 24 hours, after which it will be deleted from the server.

7. In addition to using the torrent file, you can also use the torrent file link separately to generate Direct Link, so no need to download first. Open a torrent file to be downloaded, then click the button on the page past a torrent link and paste the link in the box and click the add a new torrent.

Facebook Camera: Applications photo like Instagram

Facebook Camera
New news coming of a new facebook app to launch the photo was named Facebook Camera. In fact, this networking site recently annexed Instagram.

The deal between Facebook and Instagram itself is not one hundred percent complete. Reported previously, the delay of this deal due to the investigation of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Here are some reviews of Facebook camera that was launched by Social networks like Facebook are reviewed in the previous (Santi Dwi Jayanti - detikinet)

Front view

When entered into the application, users will see the camera icon in the upper left corner, coupled with photographs taken by the camera up Camera.

Then when discroll down to swipe, is shown photographs of the contact's Facebook users. Yes, this application connects to Facebook, so photos are uploaded on the website friend networking giant feeds were viewed in the photo.


When Instagram has a total of 17 filters in the services, then the application of Facebook has a 'cosmetic' a little more, namely a total of 14 filters.

Another difference with the filter's Instagram in terms of its name. Facebook Camera using the names of 'descriptive' rejuvenate the more users who will work especial photo. Contrast for example, Light, Bright and Golden.

Honestly, to filter on Facebook camera, he was less captivating than the filter are presented Instagram. The combination of colors in Instagram feels more 'bite'.
Facebook Camera

Because the Facebook camera is connected to the app Facebook, then the user is able to do the tagging in the photo. Affixing like and comment also made possible though regrettable, this feature is 'stuck' in the above photo so sometimes feels damaging the display.

There was also the cropping features, but the tilt-shift feature that can make a particular point in the image sharp and blur other areas, absent in this application.

Although the filter less beautiful, but Facebook has a feature that superior camera, the ability to upload multiple photos at once (multiple upload) in a single status by making tick. Plus, the photos could be here later on-tap zoom. These two features are not found in Instagram.

So far, applications Facebook Camera is only available for IOS devices in the English-speaking countries.

Sugar Sync Online File Storage

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Sugar Sync Online File StorageSugar Sync Online File StorageSugar Sync is a service that offers free online storage with a capacity of 5 GB. Just like Dropbox, Sugar Sync allows you to perform automatic backups of all your photos and videos taken with your phone camera.

With Sugar Sync Manager, you can also synchronize with a desktop application that can run on PC and Mac. Sugar Sync lets users select the folder that you want to synchronize. This is different from other applications that only perform synchronization on all files or folders in place within a specific folder in the My Document. So if you install a desktop application on more than one computer then when you login to the Sugar Sync website, you will see a list of computer and folder names are synchronized. As for the sync to all computers and devices, you simply drag and drop files to the Magic Briefcase folder in the My Documents.

Other features such as collaborator with Sugar Sync is more advanced because you can choose to allow your friend to just be able to read the contents of the shared folder or even go to edit the contents of the folder that you share.

Ubuntu One Storage File onLine

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Ubuntu One Storage File onLine
 Ubuntu One in the beginning is an online storage service that is integrated with the OS ubuntu. This service was later extended its use to the Windows OS, Android and iPhone. Ubuntu One gives you a capacity of up to 5Gb of storage space for free. This service provides the most comprehensive feature among the services Google Drive, DropBox, Box, and Sugar Sync.

In contrast to all the applications mentioned above, the Ubuntu One allows users to automatically sync photos and videos to personalize folders you may be in the Upload.
Ubuntu One Storage File onLine
Ubuntu One also supports the bandwidth limitation of download and upload speed settings. Just like sugar Sync, you can also see the devices connected to the Ubuntu One account. However, unlike the Sugar Sync is not limited capabilities through access to the browser but also through desktop and mobile applications

Box Storage File On Android

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Just like Dropbox, Box allows users to upload files to the server and access it from computer, website or phone android. Among the online storage applications contained in Google Play, Box is an application that provides the largest storage space that is about a 50GB.

This attractive offer for those who specialize in sign up or log in to your Box, through the android applications which provide for free on Google Play. Just like Dropbox, box also allows users to share files with friends and be a collaborator sent invitations to friends. With the application installed a desktop and mobile is on offer, you can now upload files with just one step so that your file can directly access from mobile phones and computers. too bad for desktop applications, you are required to pay.

Other feature of the Box is a comments field that allows your friends to comment on the files you share. You can also create shortcuts to folders and files so that you can phone home screen with practical access, including by looking at the update file contained therein. Unfortunately not equipped with a feature Box auto upload so you need to do a manual backup of your phone.

Dropbox Storage File On Android

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Dropbox Storage File On Android

Dropbox is an application that offers online storage for free to users of up to 2 GB. Although the amount of storage space offered by a relatively small, Dropbox is an online storage application that is very popular in Google Play.

With Dropbox, you can save the online document, image and video to your Dropbox server through which you can download an application from Google Play. Than through the mobile application, users can also download a desktop application to install a bias in Pc with Windows or Mac operating system. After you install Dropbox to the PC and phone, then you can easily upload files easily to a server in one step so that your files are automatically stored on the PC, phone and web as well.
Dropbox Storage File On Android
There are several ways to upload files to the server, the first when you use a PC, after installing the desktop application of Dropbox, then there will be in My Documents folder called Dropbox. To upload, you simply drag and drop files into the folder. Whereas for the second way, you can upload through the web site While with your own android phone users can now choose to upload your photos and videos automatically to the Dropbox server. You can also share files to your friends by sending a link or ask a collaborator.

Collaborator allows you and your friends to share files and have the same right to edit the file. Pulses to reduce costs please set the upload by using the wi-fi only. Whereas if you have subscribed to a data packet. You can use the wi-fi channels and packet data from the operator.

Google Drive Storage File On Android

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Google Drive
 Google Drive is made by Google storage service that gives you online storage for free with a capacity of 5 GB. This service was recently launched by Google in stages to the Gmail account owner, starting in May 2012. Overall, the feature offered by the Drive is not much different from the Dropbox.

You can installed a desktop application and synchronize files with drag and drop files into Google Drive folder located in My Documents.
Google Drive
Just like other applications, you can also take advantage of mobile applications that are only temporarily available for Android OS. However, Google promised to launch an application that runs on iOS. if you do not have an Android phone and the computer can also log in from the browser via the internet cafe for example.

One of the advantages of Google Drive is you can take a photo of a text document and convert it to a Google Document. Unfortunately up to this writing, Google does not yet provide collaboration features that allow the Collaborator to share and edit files in a shared folder.

Tips Windows Phone 7.5 Install Applications / Games from Marketplace

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Windows phone 7.5
if you have an iPhone application store called the Apps Store, Android Market and Android Have / Google Play, so Windows Phone also does not want to lose a place to download and install the application / game that is Marketplace. Well, for those who are new to Windows Phone and want to download and install a free application from the marketplace, here are the steps:

A. Marketplace open the menu, if this is the first time you open the marketplace, then this application ask you to sign in with a Windows Live ID. Previously, you must register (list), to have the Windows Live ID.
2. Windows Live ID account bias obtained by enrolling when you first turn on Windows Mobile Phone. From here you can have the keys create one. It also can visit the site via pc, select the sign up.
3. Fill each column with the required information that is user Windows Live ID, Password, and Email address of the main, follow the next steps by pressing the next button.
4. Select your country / region from the list, enter your date of birth, and then select Accept at The Marketplace Terms of Use.
Windows Live ID5. after you press a key or Accept received, a confirmation screen will automatically display the gamer tag, or re-view the first application details to complete the installation or purchase, and select Done.
6. After that you will be prompted to install the Sky Drive is an application provided by Microsoft, to save the file and can access it from virtually any device, anywhere, and anytime, then select install.
7. after that you will be prompted to restart the phone by selecting a close, if you receive an error message "App is not available" or "item not available" restarted marketplace and try again.
8. From here you can already download the application. Marketplace of how open the home screen or a list of applications.
9. looking for an application / game in want and then install, select install to download and install, choose Allow to continue the installation process, wait until the install is complete, the application is ready to run, into the game installation folder games.

Change the Symbian Phone Become Hostspot

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Nokia symbian phone users do not need to envy the mobile OS Android and iPhone. If the phone with the latest operating system is called a bias into the process of tethering via wifi hotspot, the phone also turns can Symbian. Although in different ways and have to use third-party applications.
Change the Symbian Phone Become Hostspot

The steps that must be done:

1. Install JoikuSpot application through Ovi Store by running the Ovi Store, Ovi Store search of applications by selecting the Search menu and then type the JoikuSpot. Then select the application


2. Select Download to install this application on mobile phones JoikuSpot. Wait until the download and installation is completed, once completed, Select Launch to run the application JoikuSpot. Then the application will give the command to restart the phone and complete the installation process.
Change the Symbian Phone Become Hostspot 
3. after the restart process is complete, select the application by selecting the JoikuSpot icon in the menu, then the disclaimer window will appear, then press OK.

4. when a prompt appears "allow sharing Your Internet Connection with External Devices?" select Yes.

5. select APN connections are used ( with sim card you are using). Wait until the process is complete.

6. to access the Hotspot, connect your PC or laptop on a symbian phone that has become a hotspot, turn on the wifi connection and search for JoikuSpot HotSpot then right-click on the connection JoikuSpot and then Connect.

7. wait until the connection is connected, if the laptop is connected to wifi then you are able to use the internet on a laptop using JoikuSpot HotSpot

8. Use the Settings menu to set as desired, to finish Select Options> Stop to stop the connection JoikuSpot


Wondershare MobileGo Android

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Wondershare MobileGo Android

Wondershare MobileGo Many Functions of the Application 

"One application of this type is worth a try is the "Wondershare MobileGo". Like the Android SDK, Wondershare MobileGo also features "screen shot."

Wondershare MobileGo AndroidHp connected with PC, in order to synchronize the various functions generally require the PC Suite or mobile phone tools built from HP. For Android, usually known as SDK. But the obstacles, a great addition to the installer file, you are also required additional file updates.

Well, that simpler is better you use the "Mobile Manager" third party. With a much simpler process, the application is true that the facility did not offer much different from the android SDK.

For example, the backup / restore data, transfer contacts, transfer audio / video / photos. Read / create / reply sms to install / uninstall an application. One application of this type is worth a try is the "Wondershare MobileGo". Like the Android SDK, Wondershare MobileGo also features "screen shot".

The steps for using this application :

1. Download Wondershare MobilGo Application of
2. install to the PC, run it and connect the HP to PC using data cable or WiFi

3. If HP is not already installed the USB drivers on PC, Wondershare MobileGo application will automatically
  download it from internet and install it to your PC.

4. once connected, you are utilizing the facilities offered in this application.


Access BlackBerry Messanger from PC

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Access BlackBerry Messanger from PC
Almost all BlackBerry users would agree that the BlackBerry Messenger is so addictive, up-to some RIM smartphone users are claiming that the reason was to survive using the BlackBerry Messenger application is exclusive even though tempted by other operating systems are said to be smarter. 

Not new if the user spends most of his time when holding the Blackberry to BBM's. But you know, there is an unusual way of fun for fuel-an? Namely by using a PC, so you can be faster to type using a computer keyboard and read more comfortably through the monitor.Here's how:

1. Download application at Fixmo Web Messenger using the BlackBerry browser.Once the download is complete, the application will install automatically.

2. Perform the required settings for Finalize installation Fixmo Web Messenger application. 

3. first time using this application, you need an Fixmo Web Messenger. Select "I need an account" to create an account. 

4. Enter your current email address, create a password (password) and repeat on the form provided. Click Register. 

5. If successful, it will connect and cancel the display appears, select Connect to directly connect the application.

 6. Now turn on your PC and open the internet browser. The way we did this time web-based, unlike the methods that have been discussed previously, by using the softwere "SOTI Pocket Controller Pro". Go to Page 

7. enter your email address and password you created earlier8. now you have a bias with an easy-BBM using the PC.
Access BlackBerry Messanger from PC

Because web-based, you can actually control the fuel is not only through the PC, but through another device that has a browser. Blackberry you also should not be adjacent to the PC. Provided that the application Fixmo Web Messenger on Blackberry connected (run)

Free Calls From android

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Free Calls From androidAlthough many carriers that offer cheap phone packages, but to communicate using the telephone is still the prediction is expensive. Simple and inexpensive solution is to utilize the facility "Push To Talk".
In Mobile, Walkie Talkie service that utilizes the same data path that are now more affordable. Or you can take advantage of free WiFi hot spot.

Simply by installing applications on HP Talkie Walkie Zello Android, do a little setup and you will be free to communicate with users of the same application. Of course, like a Walkie Talkie alternately.
For who wants to try it, the following steps:

Download and setup

1. Walkie Talkie Zello download applications from Google Play (Android Market). Next, install it to your hand phone Android.
2. Once installed and running, Walkie Talkie Zello will ask you to create an account. Content according to the data needed

 How To  use

1. Click the menu separately add a contact, and wait until your friend confirm it.
2. To start talking, click on your friend's account, here, you will find several options menu.
3. Press a while "Hold and Speak" to hear a "beep" and a connection indicator changes from blue to red. You just talk. Further off "Hold and Speak" to give your friends a chance to speak.

Additional Features

Other facilities are also provided Walkie Talkie Zello this application include: adding Channel Chat (Chat Room sort of), set the account status, add a status message, History conversational setting up alerts and interfaces,

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New Fitures Facebook + Instagram

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acquisitions made by Facebook to instagram a hot topic, if the photo application that already has 30 million users, which belonged to facebook facebook rewarded with a very fantastic.

Although the acquisition of Facebook, Instagram not be monopolized by Facebook. Such statements expressed by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram initially fixed on the features, which keep their connections to other social networks.

New Fitures Facebook + Instagram 
Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO also promised to add new features after the acquisition by Facebook. Not certain what features will be added, but if it is associated with a feature on the Facebook photos, Instagram, Facebook will have features that will be merged.Addition of this capability is the prediction filter images, import images, Login / Sign-up to Instagram with Facebook, the determination of the place / location, and tag your Facebook friends on Instagram.

Photo Filter
Filter images is the main feature on Instagram. This feature allows the user to change color photographs into black and white, yellowish, to add a frame. This feature also predicted there will be on editing photos on Facebook.

Import Photos
Users can upload pictures to Facebook album and Instagram simultaneously, or choose one of them.

Login / Sign-up Instagram
As you know, Facebook has a feature that allows people to register to a site with his own Facebook account. If this feature is added to Instagram, this means there will be a surge in users remember very many Facebook users.

So far we know Instagram use Foursquare to determine the position / location. While Facebook itself also has a feature similar to Foursquare. So the possibility Instagram will use geo-tagging feature belongs to Facebook.

Tag Friend
Currently Instagram users can mention other users, but did not rule out if the photo will also be on the tag Instagram as feature photos in Facebook.

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Transfer File Via Wi-Fi

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Transfer File via Wifi
Transfer the file would have you always did, but what about the file transfer via Wi-Fi? Have you ever done a large-capacity file transfer using Bluetooth? Of course not because it takes a lot of time in addition to the transfer process is also sometimes abruptly interrupted when HP moves too far out of reach dai. Then the solution is a bias to do to transfer files without having to depend on the PC and data cable?One solution that you can do is to use Wi-Fi as a means of transferring files as transfer files between your laptop in the same WLAN network. In addition to the higher transfer speeds, you can also transfer files without the limits of the data being transferred.

step by step to Transfer files via Wi-Fi1. Download Applications Wi-Fi File Transfer from Google Play.

2. then do the installation into your android device. You should make sure to install the application from Antos DR because Google Play there an application of the same name but come from different development.

3. before the application you run, do not forget to turn on and connect the HP to a Wi-Fi is available, so that both Hp to be able to exchange data with each other to transfer files, you also need to do a similar installation on Hp receiver.

4. after that, run the application, it will display the option the send file, receive file and so on.

5. if you want to send a file, you just touch the send button and select the file that file will be sent

6. whereas for Hp receiver, you just touch receive files, then HP will immediately recognize the sender's IP address Hp receiver and ready to transfer data.

7. when it says "Found IP receiver Sende Click File to Start Transfer", meaning the device is ready to transfer, continue to touch the send button File

8. Wait until it says Success, which means file transfer has been successfully performedA few tutorial File Transfer via Wi-Fi and of course this application is very useful for those of you who frequent file transfer.

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The Latest Feature on Chrome 15

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The Latest Feature on Chrome 15
Something new in the browser made ​​by Google are in addition to the menu about Google Chrome is already a version 15. 

At first glance, nothing has changed, but in a new tab, there is nothing new compared to the previous version.  

Well it turns out this is the latest feature from Google Chrome 15. Besides, Google also redesigned the look of Google Store to be so amazing! Similar appearance of the Android Market. This new look can only be enjoyed in Google Chrome 15. 

 Here's a review from Google Chrome 15

1. Most visited
 Thumbnail web sites you visit frequently featured here. Just click the thumbnail to visit the site.

2. Navigate Between sections

 To navigate between the sections, click on the label at the bottom of the page, or you can click the arrow icon on the left or right side of the page to move to the left or right.

3. Recently closed

Click the "Recently closed" on the bottom right of the page to restore the tab or window has been closed.

The Latest Feature on Chrome 15

4. Apps
Icons for apps you have installed from the Chrome Web Store appear here. Simply click the icon to open the application.
If you have installed apps on Google Chrome on another computer, you can use the synchronization feature to add apps on the New Tab page on the computer you are using automatically.
To change the way an app is opened, right click on the app icon and select "Open as a regular tab," "Open as a pinned tab," or "Open in full screen." For additional settings, right-click the app and select "Options."

5. Move app icons 
You can sort the order of icons Apps by clicking and dragging its icon in the "App". You can also move to other parts Apps by clicking and dragging the apps and move them to the label at the bottom of the page.
You can also move into the new Apps. Click the Apps and seretlah to the bottom of the page. A new section will appear blank so you can remove Apps into it.

6. Label a section
You can rename the label by clicking twice and type the new name.

7. Remove an app or a most visited site
To uninstall an app from Chrome, right click the app and select Remove from Chrome.
moreover, when you click and drag the app, "Remove from Chrome" trash appears in the lower right corner. Appke Move button to uninstall.
The Latest Feature on Chrome 15

To delete most visited sites, click and drag the thumbnail into the wastebasket "Remove from Chrome". In addition, you can remove it by clicking the X icon in the top right corner of the thumbnail.

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A future Technology Hard drive

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A future Technology Hard drive

One hard drive in the future emphasis on speed access and capacity. This can be done by reducing the component mechanically from the physical hard drive. Mechanical components that are unable to workthe high frequency components are shifted by the electrical able to work in the order of MHz and even GHz. Can be seen now released a variety of electronic storage media in a small form.

For example:  USB Drive and MultiMedia Card. 

A future Technology Hard driveWhen will this technology applied and can be affordable, in terms of computer skills speed read / write access storage media is greatly increased. Automatic PC Server capabilities to serve req Magnetic Disk Magnetic disk storage is secondary, with two circular magnetic surfaces.

Driving a motor disk drive disk drive with a speed high (or less than 60 rounds per second). Literacy activities carried out Read-write head, which is placed over the plate.  

Read-write head is very sensitive to shocks that can cause the disk is damaged (bad sectors). space is divided into Record some track / tracks and each track is further divided in several sectors.

Some hard drive technology, among others:

1. Shock Protection System (SPS)
 Most of the damage incurred on the H / D due to the shock on the head so that it can damage the piringan.Dgn using SPS energy shocks will be muted so that the head is raised when there shocks and bad sector will not occur.

Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting (SMART)

 By using smart technology H / D can communicate with the computer through the S / W which do contain communication about the status of the reliability of H / D and will perform an eye examination himself and report the results to S / W.

3. Olid State Disk (SSD)

 SSD developed recently are no longer using the disc as magnetic data storage, but using Dynamic Ramby leaving the magnetic media

4. Magnetore-sistive (MR)

 The use of MR-Head successfully tackle the problems resulting in the reading of dish and improve the quality of the signal is read.

5. Auto Transfer

 By using Auto transfer technology that uses a ASIC which will make a reser the status register within the time brief.

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