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New Fitures Facebook + Instagram

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acquisitions made by Facebook to instagram a hot topic, if the photo application that already has 30 million users, which belonged to facebook facebook rewarded with a very fantastic.

Although the acquisition of Facebook, Instagram not be monopolized by Facebook. Such statements expressed by the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram initially fixed on the features, which keep their connections to other social networks.

New Fitures Facebook + Instagram 
Kevin Systrom, Instagram CEO also promised to add new features after the acquisition by Facebook. Not certain what features will be added, but if it is associated with a feature on the Facebook photos, Instagram, Facebook will have features that will be merged.Addition of this capability is the prediction filter images, import images, Login / Sign-up to Instagram with Facebook, the determination of the place / location, and tag your Facebook friends on Instagram.

Photo Filter
Filter images is the main feature on Instagram. This feature allows the user to change color photographs into black and white, yellowish, to add a frame. This feature also predicted there will be on editing photos on Facebook.

Import Photos
Users can upload pictures to Facebook album and Instagram simultaneously, or choose one of them.

Login / Sign-up Instagram
As you know, Facebook has a feature that allows people to register to a site with his own Facebook account. If this feature is added to Instagram, this means there will be a surge in users remember very many Facebook users.

So far we know Instagram use Foursquare to determine the position / location. While Facebook itself also has a feature similar to Foursquare. So the possibility Instagram will use geo-tagging feature belongs to Facebook.

Tag Friend
Currently Instagram users can mention other users, but did not rule out if the photo will also be on the tag Instagram as feature photos in Facebook.

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