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Change the Symbian Phone Become Hostspot

9:19 AM

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Nokia symbian phone users do not need to envy the mobile OS Android and iPhone. If the phone with the latest operating system is called a bias into the process of tethering via wifi hotspot, the phone also turns can Symbian. Although in different ways and have to use third-party applications.
Change the Symbian Phone Become Hostspot

The steps that must be done:

1. Install JoikuSpot application through Ovi Store by running the Ovi Store, Ovi Store search of applications by selecting the Search menu and then type the JoikuSpot. Then select the application


2. Select Download to install this application on mobile phones JoikuSpot. Wait until the download and installation is completed, once completed, Select Launch to run the application JoikuSpot. Then the application will give the command to restart the phone and complete the installation process.
Change the Symbian Phone Become Hostspot 
3. after the restart process is complete, select the application by selecting the JoikuSpot icon in the menu, then the disclaimer window will appear, then press OK.

4. when a prompt appears "allow sharing Your Internet Connection with External Devices?" select Yes.

5. select APN connections are used ( with sim card you are using). Wait until the process is complete.

6. to access the Hotspot, connect your PC or laptop on a symbian phone that has become a hotspot, turn on the wifi connection and search for JoikuSpot HotSpot then right-click on the connection JoikuSpot and then Connect.

7. wait until the connection is connected, if the laptop is connected to wifi then you are able to use the internet on a laptop using JoikuSpot HotSpot

8. Use the Settings menu to set as desired, to finish Select Options> Stop to stop the connection JoikuSpot

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