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Dropbox Storage File On Android

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Dropbox Storage File On Android

Dropbox is an application that offers online storage for free to users of up to 2 GB. Although the amount of storage space offered by a relatively small, Dropbox is an online storage application that is very popular in Google Play.

With Dropbox, you can save the online document, image and video to your Dropbox server through which you can download an application from Google Play. Than through the mobile application, users can also download a desktop application to install a bias in Pc with Windows or Mac operating system. After you install Dropbox to the PC and phone, then you can easily upload files easily to a server in one step so that your files are automatically stored on the PC, phone and web as well.
Dropbox Storage File On Android
There are several ways to upload files to the server, the first when you use a PC, after installing the desktop application of Dropbox, then there will be in My Documents folder called Dropbox. To upload, you simply drag and drop files into the folder. Whereas for the second way, you can upload through the web site While with your own android phone users can now choose to upload your photos and videos automatically to the Dropbox server. You can also share files to your friends by sending a link or ask a collaborator.

Collaborator allows you and your friends to share files and have the same right to edit the file. Pulses to reduce costs please set the upload by using the wi-fi only. Whereas if you have subscribed to a data packet. You can use the wi-fi channels and packet data from the operator.

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