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Download mp3 at 4shared

4:28 AM

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following I will share with my friends the way that I think has been very much in understanding and in use by many users as a hosting facility for Internet users, so the service download and upload files on the internet, well this time I will invite my friends may not yet understand how to download files or mp3 on 4shared, well just go ahead ..
first, we go to its web 4shared (click the link below to go to 4shared), here I am using Mozilla Firefox


then, please type the mp3 files you want to look for, in the search field, then click the search on the green column, like the example below
 after you had put the file you want to search then you will be directed to a page, the page of the songs you are looking for, usually located below  scroll up your mouse to see the file like the following

 then click one of the files you want, like the example circled in the image above,

 Well sticking out of search results that will be our songs for free download, after the open web, step or how to download mp3 at

Remember well, click the download button is brown and not the color green, sometimes he also bobbed blue ,black / white only. 

 sometimes the file like the following picture will appear, but in the past, usually it's a free option and paid the difference is only on the issue of download speed, now just select Regular download, it usually takes a long time in seconds.

after that, just click Download File Now

 Done, that's short cut to download files or to download free songs. may be useful.
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2 Responses to "Download mp3 at 4shared"

Anonymous said :
November 11, 2012 at 5:28 PM
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Zeni fer said :
December 18, 2012 at 12:59 AM
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