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Google + Release User Suggested Features like Twitter

2:25 AM

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growing and growing social networking, social networking is relatively new from the google + google, now spread his wings, made ​​from google social networking Kine add applications like the one on twitter
As the feature 'Who to Follow' on Twitter, Google also now displays a list of suggested first user on our Get Started.

Interestingly, in Google + list of people who suggested the user is divided into different categories. Various categories include entertainment, news, music, photography, politics, sports and technology.

Quoted from Digital Trends, Monday (05/09/2011), Google also suggested user selects 'most popular' of each of these categories. As a result, users can add such a celebrity or any other popular figures directly from that page and put it into their friendship circle or circles.

It is not yet known whether penggguna can create your own list, out of those grouped in the Circle. While Twitter as is known has added this capability so users can create custom lists in 2010. Unfortunately, this feature is not used widely by the users of Twitter itself.

The records, lists of suggested user is the way it works is very similar to the recommendation 'Who to Follow' Twitter. And most people are included in the list that Google is only based on the level of 'fame' them rather than the quality or frequency of posts made ​​- even some of them have yet to post anything on Google +.

For example, two people in the sports category, Jillian Michaels and Erin Andrews, both are equally not post anything on their Google + accounts since July. But surprisingly, both appear in the user suggested in the sports category.

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