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Where are you, Facebook place

8:51 PM

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Facebook has launched a new feature, namely "Facebook Place", this feature lets users share their location and find the location of their friends. This causes some circles worrying if this feature will cause a violation of privacy online.

"Free Places" using satellite tracking technology that allows users to check a specific location and share it with friends.

However, its critics say it leaves the potential risks of theft, surveillance and harassment. They also said that many users do not fully understand the privacy options of social networking and do not have a solution for the potential of such danger.

The new service was available in the U.S. but the company plans to expand the feature to the whole world.

Eric King, human rights monitors and international privacy feature by saying that while Facebook is only distributed to "friends", the users often have a "friend" that they're not too familiar with.

He added: "You are basically telling people that you were not home, that you were in this bar or the region. this may mean you have stolen and the worst thing is if people who do not want can easily find your "

However, Facebook requires users to agree on a number of sentences before that option is enabled.

We are ready if one day be known by someone, we are far from home and instead visit one of our friends to the house?

So in fact we had better be careful in choosing a technology or in choosing a friend?

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