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Tricks Tutorial: Skill And Dribbling For FIFA 13

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This time I want to share some of the tricks and skills that are available in FIFA13. As you know, EA Sports enters some lovely gesture berskill high in the game, so that makes us gamers felt the original player is controlling.
Tricks Tutorial: Skill And Dribbling For FIFA 13

Fascinating tricks and skills that included Electronic Arts is copied directly from the original players, so there are some skills that can only be performed by the player.

I simply share the tricks to play FIFA13 on PS3

     Flair Pass = Hold R1 + X and press LS ↑

     Complete Dribbling = Hold L1 and LS run in any direction

     Fake Fance Shoot = Hold L2 + □ or O and press X

     Roll Ball Flick = Hold R2 then RS ↑ and →

     Fake Shot To Stop = Press □ or O then X

     Fake Shot Pass = Hold R1 then LS ↖ and X

     Face Up Dribbling = Hold L2 + R2 then LS in any direction

     Reverse in Air Elastico = Hold R2 then RS ← →

     Backheel Shot = Hold R2 + LS ↓ then O

So a few tricks that I can share to you FIFA13 fans, you can combine these movements in order to create great goals. Have Fun for All

For those of you who want to see how the movement of the tricks is running on the PS3, can watch in this video

For those of you who play FIFA13 on Xbox 360 can see in this video

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