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7 Important Things In Google Plus (Google +)

1:10 AM

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maybe some many people who do not know about Google +, yes a social network that was developed one of the big companies that we already know, who is not familiar with Google, well for that I share with my friends about the important things that exist in google + I took away from kabarIT
well we just see, Google's new social networking Start Plus (Google +) which began tested to the community must be quite complicated and need a lot to learn new things, ranging from adding friends, adding a circle, set the privacy, etc.. Here are 7 important things that you should start a social networking ketahuai in Google Plus.

1. Bold, italic, and midline

In Google's Plus there are 3 text format that is bold, italic and midline

2. Marking a friend in the post

You can tag your friends in a post by typing "+" or "@" followed by the name of your friend then you will see a drop down menu that will display your friend's name is included in the circle or outside of your networking circle. Your friend will receive notification on notice that they have been marked in your posts

3. Permalinks

Permalinks useful to look at the various posts on the share. Simply click the timestamp then you will be taken to a new page featuring a single post

4. Share on Twitter and Facebook

To share a post on Twitter and Facebook sharing required extensions on extensions Google Chrome Plus. After installation is complete there will be a new option ("Send to ...") Twitter or Facebook

5. Edit Photo

Interesting features is the on-the-fly photo editing. You can edit photos directly to select the photo on your profile page and click "Action"> Edit Photo, then there will be some choice photo filter

6. Send a message directly

To send a message to one friend does not need to go to the menu messages, simply mark your friends at the beginning of the posts and make comments on these postings. Because the post that marks the friends will only be viewed and commented upon by you and those contained in the link of the post.

7. The email service of your profile

You can enable the service to receive email messages from your friends, to select the "Edit Profile". Under your profile photo gray click the link "Send an email" and then select and tick the "Allow people to email me from a link on my profile" then adjust your privacy settings are available


3 Responses to "7 Important Things In Google Plus (Google +)"

December 9, 2011 at 7:04 AM
Google + is another tool in the internet marketers toolbag. My favorite falls into the off site seo services category. The +1 button. It gives users the opportunity to vote for an article or page that you enjoyed (like the facebook Like) and it actually gives that article/site some link juice! Brilliant!
avatha said :
December 19, 2011 at 7:16 AM
THanks Brendagrobski, thanks for visiting my blog...
March 9, 2012 at 9:59 AM
Remember to FILL OUT everything! The more information you or your readers have the more cream or important information you have.

Like even your profile picture is important. We notice like on Youtube we changed our thumbnails or certain videos for network cabling services they spiked in views.

Always try to be upfront and give the most information.

Thanks for the post Avatha

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