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9 points early excess Google +

11:50 PM

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1. Repost

There is a facility that has a term Reshared Repost, so we can directly quote a status of friends that exist in our circle. It's like Retweet on Twitter, on Facebook? no.

2. Set status

Status that we make can be arranged if it should not be shared or should not be commented upon return.

3. Letter mode varied

In contrast to the FB and Twitter, in G + (Google + acronym) can write a status with a skewed fashion, graffiti, or bold, exciting right?

4. Gif permitted

Load gif image extension makes loading time is long, but it works in G + gif extension so images can be running as usual when dishared on the status of G +.

5. Live Notification

This term is actually my own, if there is a notification on FB then to see the comments of people then we need to go the page in question. Not with the G + because we can immediately see the status of what once dikomentarin can directly reply to comments, sophisticated!

6. mild

With the live facility notification should require a connection that qualified but were barely adequate connections can be smoothly opened the G +.

7. Instant Upload

I tried G + applications on Android and there are facilities Instant Upload, initially I thought photographing ago to "share" photos, it was not like that because once the "cekrek" on Android applications directly uploaded the photo automatically. Many are afraid to later photographs can tershare inappropriate, but it turns out that in an instant photo was uploaded in an album and not published in the Stream.

8. Huddle

This facility can only be used in mobile applications G +, similar to a group chat IM and very stable great when I used.

9. Tag system

Similar to FB, the G + can make a tag on the status of the '@' and '+'. Tags can even be made through the mobile version.

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