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Make Unique URL to Google+ Account

11:36 PM

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who do not know google +, following a fatherly way to customize the URL for short URL, well just go ahead
Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Google's URL + offers no customization for the user profile, making it more difficult for Google + share your profile with friends. Instead, Google uses a long string of numbers to show the user profile (example: 117691391504351341685).

The reason Google does not provide a customizable URL because it can cause the spammers can figure out the million email addresses  of users Google + (+ because many Google accounts relating to the Gmail account).

But with the you can change your Google + ID in the form of a long string becomes short and easy to remember. is a simple application that allows you to create a unique URL and short for Google + your profile page, making it easier to share.
to try it just click here or on the image below
link from kabarit

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