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Update Facebook Status from the Status Google+

10:49 PM

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The following I'll share it with friends on social networking the latest that is coming from Google +, the usual social networking is always associated with each possible in many things ranging from uodate status sharing photos, import contacts, to the other, but this time I will share with friends, how do I update facebook status from google +
For those who have joined and enjoyed + google services, you are it might have read some news about facebook effort to block some applications to move data to Google + facebook contacts. Facebook defense efforts may continue. But there is one facility that is hard to facebook is blocked from sending email facebook status. This facility can be easily utilized by users google + to post or update your Facebook status directly from the status of the google + simultaneously, it also opens the way to update your twitter status as well.
  1. Open the address
  2. login
  3. Copy the email address below ulpload via email (No 1)
  4. Log into your google account +
  5. Choose a cycle or loop facilities
  6. Choose add a new person, paste the email address, then enter. Give the name and add it to your circle, then save. (no.2)
  7. See below the screen, select the legislation "a name that you enter above" (no. 3)
  8. If successful, the status of your FB will look like no. 4
  9. Create a new status in google +. Select the circle where the name is included above. Do not forget to check the "also send emails to a person who has not been using google +". then click share (No.5)
  10. If successful status and facebook + google you will be the same (results see # 6 and 7)

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