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Shortcuts in using Google +

12:04 AM

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The following is a shortcut that is we use the Surf the Google +
Already have a Google account + and still busy learning how to play in it? I had a chat leaked sheet that will really help you to be more familiar with Google +. Here they are ...

1. To write a letter THICK, add the asterisk at the beginning and end of the word: * word *, example: * * will be TeknoUp TeknoUp

2. To write italics, add an underscore at the beginning and end of words: _kata_, example: _TeknoUp_ will be TeknoUp

3. To write a letter with a strikethrough, add a dash at the beginning and end of words:-He said, EXAMPLE:-TeknoUp-will be TeknoUp.

4. Mention of friends in your post by adding + or @ at the beginning of the word: + skyvillezz or @ skyvillezz

5. Sending a Private Message by sharing post on certain people, and disable reshare.

6. Click the timestamp on a post will display the post with a permalink

7. Button GREEN: Those who are not in your circle, can see your postings.

BLUE button: Only those who are in the circle you can see these postings, except if the post is to share.

8. hotkeys:
- Space: to scroll down through the Stream
- Shift + Space to scroll up Stream
- A: Scroll down to next Google + stream update (scroll down to see the next Google + stream)
- K: Scroll up to previous Google + stream update (scroll up to see the previous update Google + stream)
- QQ: Jump to chat (Pressing twice Q moving your cursor to the search box in the 'chat' from Google +)

-Space: Scroll down the stream by regular intervals (Scroll down at regular intervals)

+ Shift-Space: Scroll up stream by regular intervals (Scroll up at regular intervals)

-Enter: When a stream update is selected Enter key moves your cursor to the comment box (When a stream update is selected Enter move your cursor to the comment box)

Tab + Enter: Submit Comments: Submitting a comment
- Return: Start comment (start Komtar)
- Tab Return: End Comment (end comment)

9. To prevent others from sharing your post, click the arrow located on the top right of the post, then choose 'Disable reshare'.

10. Click on the +1 button in a post, is synonymous with 'Like' on Facebook. Click on the +1 button once again, will cancel the 'Like' previously created.

11. Using a +1 on a posting will not make the post on the list +1 page in your possession. Unless +1 done via the web.

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