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How to use Remastersys

11:37 PM

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hello friends how ya reportedly today? certainly okay, well this time I'll post what's the advantages of ubuntu itself, after posting my previous tutorial install ubuntu 11:04 and settings after installing ubuntu 11.04, well this time I will invite friends to make our own os, with absolute remastering, remastering here means adding or subtracting the packages that are in ubuntu, remastering here also includes modifications to the look and everything, .. nah but it's not that we will discuss this time, I think my friends already know the remastering, just this post that is how we create packages in ubuntu it into an OS that can be used to other computers, ie with our OS without changing the original owner of the enterprise IT ubuntu from ubuntu, but it's the excess of ubuntu is open source,

Many ways to perform backups or remastering, can use a reconstructor and Remastersys and others. here I try to use Remastersys to Back Up my Ubuntu 10.04.

How it works remastersys is to backup ubuntu that has been installed on the computer. Sehinnga its use is very easy just to run the program and then select the backup remastersys ago tunngu a few moments until the backup process is complete, then the file will be formed. Iso is ready Burning.

How To Install Remastersys
1. open terminal
2. download remastersy.deb-1_all.deb remastersys_2.0.17 version here
3. after install, click 2 times on the file remastersys_2.0.17-1_all.deb
4. it appears the installer package, click install package.
5. wait until the process is complete
6. Remastersys already installed, look in Applications> System Tools> Remastersys

To do the remastering, typing the following command:

sudo remastersys dist

to redistribute and direct from our systems will be formed. iso
Wait until the process is completed, takes 30-45 minutes, and usually iso file will swell to 1 GB more, because there is already installed applications.

After remastering is complete, do not close the terminal first. Check its iso file in the file system home / remastersys / remastersys iso file located on the outside,
copy iso file in the folder of your choice, or store in flashdiksk

Now clean up files that had been by typing the command:

sudo remastersys clean

For remastering the first time, you must connect to the Internet, and next to the new remastering does not require an internet connection.
Remastering done, to see if it works try running the file. Iso in a virtual box

well after friends try to run from Virtual box might be the problem of friends that can not log into ubuntu already installed with your username and password my friends, well my friends it's easy just fill username: custom, and pasword created empty or not in the content, .. well just a new ubuntu on my friends enjoy, hopefully this tutorial useful.

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