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Make Twitter Badge in Blogspot

7:57 PM

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Twitter is a website owned and operated by Twitter Inc., which offers a Micro-blogging social network that allows users to send and read messages are called tweets. Tweets are text posts to 140 characters are displayed on the user profile pages. Tweets can be seen outside, but the sender can restrict delivery of messages to their friends list only. Users can see the tweets of other writers known as followers.
All users can send and receive tweets via Twitter site, compatible external applications (mobile phones), or with a short message (SMS) available in certain countries. This site is based in San Bruno, California near San Francisco, where the site was first created. Twitter also has a server and an office in San Antonio, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts.
Since established in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has gained popularity worldwide and currently has more than 100 million users. This is sometimes described as "SMS from the internet".
If you want put your profile badge in your blog, we can add twitter Widgets let you display Twitter updates on your website or social network page
Our widgets are compatible with any website and most social networks. Simply choose the one that matches where you would like to include it.
Ok, i will explain how to get the widget and put it in yur blog
1. First, login to your twitter
2. Goto
3. Click in My Website and Choose Profile Widget
4. Setup the Preferences, Appearance and Dimensions of your badge
5. After finish click Finish & Grab Code
6. Put the Code to HTML/Javascript Gadget in your blog

if you do not want trouble, here I provide the code

Change your_id with your twitter username.
You can change the red code to value that you want, for HTML colour code you can look here

source : visit


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Lucy said :
June 14, 2012 at 6:45 PM
I like to make friends with you,haha.

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