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move the mouse with head movements and click with the blink of an eye

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Increasingly the development of technology is really getting very sophisticated and very rapid development.
Especially in the world of computers, really rapidly once.
And this time I will post an application that truly sophisticated, namely "eViacam 1.5"
This application can move the cursor by moving the PC we only our heads and make a click with just a wink.
Believe it?

If it does not mean you share my first time reading an article about this application, I initially thought it impossible, because we have to require other components to do so, such as motion sensors or the like. Apparently not, we just need a webcam and this application, and this application alone is a motion sensor.
After I download it and try it, Cursornya really move with the movement of my head and my eyes Blink kliknya command actually works.
It's Extraordinary Sophisticated application?
and a more profitable again, the application is freeware, or FREE.! ^ - ^
So do not need to bother anymore looking for keygen or crack it.
Do not wait too long, hurry dech downloaded from the link below:

Download eViacam 1.5

Password / Password: oktasc

How to Download:

1. After The Open Wait about 5 seconds
2. Then will appear the words "Skip Ad" at the top right corner, click on it
3. If already kebuka the download page, enter the password, download dech

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