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How to Show the Contents of Blog (Contents Widget)

9:28 AM

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List of contents on the blog will allow visitors to find articles that sought, with table of contents on this blog will make the visitor feel more at home reading our blog, because we already give to all content available on our blog.
Another benefit of the list to fill in the blog is going to create a search engine like our blog, an implication will index all the pages that we display on the main page on the table of contents
Okay do not have wide-winded again, for those bloggers who are interested to install a list of content in his blog, the following steps:
1. Login to your blog
2. If already logged in, then if do not want difficulty, there is easy way, please click the button below to directly add a widget to your blog:

6. If you want to create manually, please goto Design -> Add Gadget ->HTML/Javascript
7. Put the following code to HTML/Javascript Gadget
2px solid rgb(51, 255, 51); overflow: auto; height: "350px;" margin="5px" ;>

Widget By: [blog-triks]

For the red color code please change its value according to taste
Change with each blog url:)
var numposts: The number of posts displayed
var showpostdate: displays the date (false means not shown)
var showpostsummary: displays a summary of posts
var numchar: number of characters post summary
rgb (51, ​​255, 51) border color table of contents

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